Aavegotchi’s Gotchi Guardians Reveals New Update: Pirates vs. Aliens
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Aavegotchi’s Gotchi Guardians Reveals New Update: Pirates vs. Aliens


  • The Pirate Guardian: A new character called The Pirate is introduced, featuring unique abilities like a Treasure Map for collecting coins from fallen enemies, Daash Boots for enhanced mobility, and a Glittering Blunderbuss for powerful attacks.
  • Mama Ship & New Camera Modes: A formidable new Lickquidator called Mama Ship challenges players with high HP and special abilities like Energy Drain and Tractor Beam. Players can also enjoy new camera modes for different perspectives of the game.
  • Gameplay Enhancements: The update brings a revamped end-of-match flow with detailed stats, expanded inventory and shop slots, balance changes to existing characters like Licker and Farmer, a new auto-difficulty system for Lickquidators, and various bug fixes.

Prepare for a thrilling adventure as Aavegotchi’s Gotchi Guardians unveils its latest update: Pirates vs. Aliens. Whether you’re a seasoned sea dog or a fresh-faced sailor, this update promises excitement, challenges, and treasures aplenty. Let’s delve into what awaits you on the high seas!

New Features

  1. The Pirate Guardian

Introducing The Piratea shrewd and tactical Protector of Prosperity, who excels in amassing resources and embarking on bold adventures. Equipped with a reliable Treasure Map and a Glittering Blunderbuss, The Pirate deftly maneuvers through the fray, showcasing both elegance and panache. Here’s what you need to know about this swashbuckling addition:

  • Treasure Map: The Pirate’s signature item allows him to capitalize on fallen foes. Dying enemies drop coins, which he collects to accumulate stacks. Utilizing the Treasure Map triggers a significant accumulation of wealth, proportionate to the amassed stacks.
  • Daash Boots: Enhance mobility and combat prowess, boosting damage output, extending attack range, and increasing movement speed during the preparation phase.
  • Glittering Blunderbuss: Initiate formidable cannonball assaults by utilizing coins. Available for purchase in the shop, it ensures all Guardians can unleash their inner pirate.

Furthermore, the Pirate has a particular skill tree that enhances his abilities:

  • Bounty: Enhances income by killing Lickquidators and earning more resources.

Initially available to all players at level 60, The Pirate will become unlockable at level 15 with the Soldier of Fortune in future updates.

  1. New Lickquidator: Mama Ship

In the later stages of the game, the Mama Ship presents itself as a daunting opponent. With substantial HP and rapid-fire bursts of projectiles, it intensifies the challenge. Its spotlights strategically provide damage-reducing shields to allies, testing players’ tactical skills. Beware its four Ultimate Upgrades:

  • Energy Drain: Reduces the direct damage output of nearby towers.
  • Time Acceleration: Speeds up the movement of targeted friendly units.
  • Regeneration: Heals targeted friendly units.
  • Tractor Beam: Draws Aavegotchis toward the Mama Ship, where they face instant peril.
  1. New Camera Modes

Experience Gotchi Guardians like never before with new camera modes:

  • Topdown Camera (F1): Classic top-down view.
  • Follow Guardian Camera (F2): Follow your Guardian’s movements.
  • Free Mode Camera (F3): Explore from any angle using FPS-style controls.
  1. Revamped End of Match Flow

Detailed information awaits you at the end of each match:

  • Total experience gained
  • Progress toward the next level
  • Achievements unlocked
  1. Expanded Inventory and Shop Slots
  • Item Inventory Slot: A fifth slot allows four-item Guardians to choose an item without being stuck to shop upgrades only.
  • Shop Slot: A 4th slot increases the chances of obtaining desired item upgrades.

Aavegotchi’s Gotchi Guardians Reveals New Update: Pirates vs. Aliens

Balance Changes

– Licker

Unlock three new Ultimate Upgrades:

  • Mechanical Determination: Lickers become immune to taunts and head straight for the Guardian.
  • Slimy Tongue Syndrome: Licker’s lick ability now doubles the stun duration.
  • Perpetual Licking: Licker’s lick attack no longer has a cooldown.

– Farmer

The cooldown for apple juice has been reduced, and it now boasts an area-of-effect (AOE) effect along with enhanced visual effects (VFX).

– Dash Boots

Correctly deal damage when passing through enemies, with increased damage and tracking.

New Auto-Difficulty System

Lickquidator HP dynamically adjusts based on player spending, ensuring balanced and extended matches.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Knights Chainmail Protocol talent prevents death when above level 1.
  • Improved input handling for Guardian throws.

Pixelcraft Player Profile Integration

Log into your Pixelcraft profile and connect your wallet to access statistics related not only to Gotchi Guardians but also to Spirit Force Arena and other Pixelcraft games. Conveniently track achievements and progress—all in one place: the Pixelcraft player profile.

Set sail, Guardians! Pirates clash with Aliens, and the high seas await your valor. May your Treasure Maps lead to victory.

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