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Axie Infinity: Homeland to Start a 2-Week ‘Culinary’ Event


  • Axie Infinity will launch the “Homeland Cooking Showdown” event from May 22nd to June 5th, a culinary event where players can compete for prizes.
  • During the event, participants will create selected dishes within the game, accumulating points on a leaderboard. The top 5,000 players will receive a share of the total prize of 20,000 AXS.
  • The progress of each player will be tracked in real-time through the Cooking Showdown Leaderboard, and they will have a 2-hour individual timer to accumulate points.

Axie Infinity is gearing up to launch a new event: the “Homeland Cooking Showdown.” It will take place over two weeks, from May 22nd to June 5th. Axie will offer players the opportunity to showcase their culinary skills and compete for exciting prizes.

During the “Homeland Cooking Showdown,” participants will be tasked with creating a variety of selected dishes within the game. These dishes will be evaluated not only for their flavor but also for the skill and efficiency with which they are prepared. Players will accumulate points on a leaderboard dedicated to the event, and those who rank among the top 5,000 will have the chance to win a share of the total prize of 20,000 AXS.

A key feature of the contest is the real-time tracking of each player’s progress through the Cooking Showdown Leaderboard in the Event Hub. This leaderboard will allow participants to compare themselves with other players and adjust their strategy accordingly. Additionally, each player will have a 2-hour individual timer to accumulate points at their own pace.

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The Kitchens Light Up in Axie Infinity

To maximize rewards, players can choose to cook on higher-level land plots within the game. Rarer plots offer greater rewards, incentivizing players to carefully plan where to conduct their culinary activities.

Another significant innovation is the introduction of an automatic rarity material selection feature to simplify the dish creation process. This feature will allow players to focus more on food preparation and less on material management.

The “Homeland Cooking Showdown” will add new levels of fun and challenge to Axie Infinity. With significant prizes at stake and a variety of dishes to cook. Players will have the opportunity to showcase their culinary skills and compete for the top spot.

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