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Plant Vs Undead Releases PvP Version 0.50.1

Plant Vs Undead is constantly making efforts to ensure that players get the best gaming experience. Following the release of the Player vs Player (PVP) mode, the game has made significant strides. Since the launch of the PvP November, there have been several upgrades to this game mode. To further improve gameplay, Plants vs Undead releases the PvP Version 0.50.1 edition. The announcement of this new version was made on the PVU Telegram Page. Here are the details of this release.

Gameplay Changes in the PvP Version 0.50.1

This new version goes live today the 24th of December 2021. It will feature a number of changes to gameplay. Through this update, PVU will also be fixing major and minor bugs. One of the changes is that there will be only 1 t-rex in the boss wave. The game will also rebalance the health of all mother trees. Furthermore, the nee version reworks the Spiky Shell Dark Plant. Instead of a single, it will be able to attack multiple targets. For the for the poison shroom parasite plant, it will only be able to attack ground units. However, the Splash damage can still affect flying units.

Bug Fixes in the PvP Version 0.50.1

For the bugs, this updates fixes the slowing down of the death animation. Also, the bee launcher parasite plant will now constantly attack the undead. The new version fixes the issue of it sometimes not attacking the undead. Also, this new version improves some FX and SFX improved. Plants vs Undead noticed that certain plants do not exercise their passive skills. In this new version, the following plants will activate their passive skills:

  • Firewood plant (Fire plant)
  • Magmato (Fire plant)
  • Shadow-shroom (Wind plant)
  • Leafshooter (Wind plant)
  • MLover (Parasite plant)
  • Icy Branch (Parasite plant)
  • Eel Plant (Parasite plant)
  • Iceflower (Ice plant)
  • Magnifying Leaf (Ice plant)
  • Electric Bloom (Electro plant)
  • Chain-shroom (Electro plant)
  • Spikenut (Electro plant)
  • Lightning Branch (Electro plant)
  • Blackrose (Dark plant)
  • Dark Root (Dark plant)
  • Night Eyes (Dark plant)
  • Lightning-shroom (Electro plant)
  • Nightshade (Water plant)
  • Spring Potion (Water plant)
  • Aloe (Water plant)
  • Metal Whip (Metal plant)

Updated Reward System for PvP Mode

Reward Changes in PvP Version 0.50.1

Besides the change in gameplay and bug fixes, PVU is also changing the reward system. So far, Plants Vs Undead has over 100,000 players at the time of this announcement. However, not all of them are active. The game aims to use this change to encourage its active players to remain active. It also hopes that inactive players will also become more active. New and interested players can download the game and start playing.

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