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The Crypto You Announces Christmas & New Year Festival – Trade Babies from Dec 25, 2021, to Jan 3, 2022

It is indeed a great Christmas season with many game platforms offering community members exciting giveaways and offers. The Crypto You, a play-to-earn baby metaverse game on BSC from the BabySwap, has also joined the league with numerous offers targeted at its community members and the general public.

One of such events to give back to the public is the Christmas & New Year Festival. The event is slated to take place from December 25, 2021, to January 3, 2022. Participants will be able to trade babies in the market with no fee apply with Milk during the festival.

Participating in this event will prepare interested participants for the launch of the game, where they would be able to use their in-game currency to participate in the game. The event is slated to start by December 25 but more events.

What is the NFT Baby?

The NFT BABY, $NFB, is a set of immutable, rare, and unique digital Baby figures designed by BabySwap, a supportive Baby Metaverse for newborn projects on BSC. Each series of $NFB is limited and each has a fixed face value.

It can be staked in NFB minting, collected in wallets, or exchanged in the marketplace for real money. BABY and MILK are separate entities and each is to be purchased separately.

the crypto you

The Crypto You: What it is

The Crypto You is an NFT-based online game built on Binance Smart Chain. Players in the game have the opportunity to complete daily mining taskssummon charactersloot rare itemsconquer dark monsters, and play to earn.

Characters in the game are Babies who live on the Baby Planet where abundant resources reside. These resources are cryptocurrencies and the Babies live to protect them. 

Features of The Crypto You Game

Play and Earn: Players can earn $MILK and different rewards when they play game and trade in the market for profits.

Loot Items: Gamers can also loot weapons, equipment, pets, mounts, and armors to increase their power in the metaverse.

Summon Baby: Players need $BABY to summon their Baby characters to participate in missions and tasks.

Team Battle: Gamers can build teams to fight and conquer the dark force invading the Baby Planet. Each baby possesses its talent, which means players must create the right team with a good mix of talents.

Players can also associate with other players online to get more game strategies, experience, and tricks. They can also get higher rankings and earn rewards when they participate in seasons’ events.

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