Graffiti Racer Director Shares Updates About Version 2.0
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Graffiti Racer Director Shares Updates About Version 2.0

The director of the mobile NFT game Graffiti Racer thanked the players for their support. So, he has introduced the new features of version 2.0 of the game. The abilities and their effects in the previous version that the players did not like have been revised, in a wonderful feedback effect.

The levels of the ‘Parameter Up’ ability are no more and now the effects depend on the characters’ rarity. The weather-specific abilities are now separate from the ‘luck’ category. So, new abilities are also present now to ease the effects of different weather conditions.

Graffiti Racer Changes Character Ranking System

All the characters and color films will go back to the players. The race coins will also go to them according to the levels. A new character selection screen is present now as well. So, it will display the highest score and current rankings of the characters in each race. This will help in choosing characters for a particular race. Icons have also been added to mark the characters that already have a score.

Graffiti Racer

Introduction of Green and Orange Characters

Additionally, there are two new characters, ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ of green attribute and ‘Hansel and Gretel’ of orange attribute. The coloring screen is also much better with new settings to make the coloring experience a lot easier. You can now see the colors you need in the number guide and unused color guide as well. This will make the entire coloring process a lot easier.

Graffiti Racer April Premium Ranking Race

Three premium ranking races are going to happen in the month of April. The criteria to join and the rewards for each race are according to the positions. The schedule of premium ranking races for April is also live now. The races are from April 13 to April 16 for Premium CUP -G1, April 20 to April 23 for Premium CUP -G3, and April 27 to April 30 for Premium CUP -G2.

Earn Digital Entertainment Points in Races

The rewards for the top Graffiti Racer players are in the form of digital entertainment points or DEP. The rewards are according to the race positions. The overall highest reward is in G1, 212,544 GEP, and the overall lowest is in G3, 188 DEP. The details of the race schedule will be available on the official website of the game platform.

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