Nakamoto Games Unveils NAKA 2.0 Development Plans
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Nakamoto Games Finally Makes NAKA 2.0 Official After Two Years

Nakamoto Games is a platform for Web3 gaming and Metaverse. It offers almost 180 different blockchain games. The company has recently made many key announcements and they cover a lot of important steps.

They plan to work with universities, introduce Bitcoin to their ecosystem, and launch games on the Facebook Gaming Centre. However, the biggest change so far this year is the launch of NAKA 2.0. This is the result of two years of research, taking in user feedback, and pure hard work.

What Does Naka 2.0 by Nakamoto Games Offer?

Firstly, NAKA 2.0 boasts a much better user interface, new game types, and many more ways to earn and connect. The company aims to make their website easy to use for gamers new to Web3. In addition to that, they want to make it useful to all who want to have fun and earn money.

Secondly, the platform is going to launch several new games on the Facebook Gaming Centre. Strike Force, their latest star FPS game, is the first to launch, and many other titles will follow it too. By going live on Facebook Gaming, the company hopes to bring in new gamers to their platform. So, they will see the demand for their native token, $NAKA, go up and ultimately increase its value.

What Does Naka 2.0 by Nakamoto Games Offer?

Leading Innovation with University Partnerships

Thirdly, Nakamoto Games is also working with Mahidol University, and it is a major educational body in Thailand. They are working on an AI and Robotics competition for high school students at the end of April. This event will help make Nakamoto Games become a big brand in Thailand with a national voice and name.

The platform wants to be more than just a Web3 gaming service. So, it is aiming to become the industry leader by offering new and unique services. They want to host huge gaming events and campaigns and provide diverse ways for people to earn money.

Sprint Objectives of Nakamoto Games

The game platform has come up with a bunch of goals to create its sprint objectives. They will include a lot of tasks covering system performance, frontend and backend updates, service quality assurance, smart contract design and implementation, working on UX/UI and Strike Force mobile game, and marketing.

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