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Kitsumon Updates 2023 Roadmap to Feature Gasless Transactions

Kitsumon has announced that it will be making significant updates to its 2023 roadmap. Unlike other blockchain companies, this GameFi project delayed releasing its plans for the new year. The reason for this action is that the team wanted to be certain of delivering on its promises.

This also explains why Kitsumon seemed to be quiet since the start of the year. The team has been making major moves behind the scenes all this while. They have been improving the website and preparing for other product launches that are contained in the roadmap. This is such that the company can deliver on whatever promises it makes to the community.

Details of the Kitsumon 2023 Roadmap

The first item on the roadmap is the website revamp. Kitsumon is developing its online platform to improve user experience. One measure it is putting in place is a modified navigation system to improve UX. Users will not need to scroll through multiple pages to access their $KMC wallet, tokens, or digital collection.

In other news, Kitsumon Battle is set for release later this year. To prepare for this MOBA launch, the team is designing a new interface for players profiles. This upgrade will enable users and their friends to see details like achievements, guild membership, history, and progress.

The most significant update in the Kitsumon 2023 Roadmap is the introduction of gasless transactions. This GameFi ecosystem has one of the largest communities in Web3. To offer quality experiences these individuals will enjoy, the team is developing a MetaTX system that people can use without having to pay gas fees in $MATIC.

In fact, this system will be so sophisticated that people will not need a browser extension to play Kitsumon. In addition, they will still retain control of their private keys. However, the wallet will have custody of the cryptocurrencies and NFTs. This is because the team is using EIPs like EIP-2771 and EIP-2612. In addition, there will also be a Swap Modal that allows people to purchase $KMC directly from the Kitsumon marketplace without needing external platforms.

Time to play Kitsumon as the site revamps

This GameFi project knows that not everyone understands the Web3 login process. As such, they are introducing more familiar login measures that people are already used to. This includes the simple use of email and password, social media, and Google accounts in addition to the already-existing MetaMask wallet connection method.

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