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Bloater’s Invasion: Tales of Elleria x DeFi Kingdoms Unite in Epic World Boss Showdown

The lands of Elleria and DeFi Kingdoms merge in an epic event called the “World Boss Showdown,” where the legendary Bloater, a blobfish from DeFi Kingdoms, is wreaking havoc in the waters of Elleria and must be defeated.

The event, scheduled for December 18th at 11 a.m. EST, outlines a series of steps for participation. Firstly, players need to acquire a hero to accompany them in this battle. For newcomers to Tales of Elleria, they can obtain a free hero through the summoning altar or purchase a tradable hero in the Trove marketplace. Then, they must assemble a team and prepare for the impending battle.

To face Bloater, a “World Boss Ticket” is required. Players can obtain this ticket by crafting it from mission item drops, purchasing it on the Trove Marketplace, or acquiring it from the In-Game Adventurer’s Guild Shop.

In this final boss battle, heroes will strive to inflict as much damage as possible before succumbing to the World Boss. The total damage dealt to Bloater will be ranked on a leaderboard where prizes will be allocated.

Great Rewards and Exclusive Advantages

The rewards for courageous participants are significant, with a prize pool of 25,000 $ARB from the Arbitrum Short-Term Incentive Program. From the first place to the thousandth, players will be rewarded proportionally to their ranking.

Owners of DeFi Kingdoms heroes will receive exclusive advantages. Including a free ticket to the World Boss, 50,000 $MEDALS, 3x Timeless Memories, and a full Rookie Equipment Set.

Additionally, the Ninja hero class is introduced, with 1000 available for minting at 75 $MAGIC each. Those acquiring a Ninja will receive a complete beginner pack and a 20% combat stats boost for all heroes in their account.

The event also features a daily bonus for all players, new and old, participating for 7 days. Each day, players will receive rewards such as $MEDALS, special items, and tickets for the World Boss. Players must prepare for a clash of worlds, where the stakes are high, and the rewards are grand.

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