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Ronin Network Issues a Validators Guide in Anticipation for New Applications

Ronin Network has released the validators guide detailing the process involved in operating a node. This announcement comes in preparation for opening its platform to new applicants interested in managing the blockchain. While issuing the update, the team also highlighted some of the benefits of taking up this responsibility.

One year after launching the Delegated Proof of State mechanism, Ronin identified that validators could earn more than 600 $RON per day. It implies that they can earn more than 220,000 $RON in a year. Considering that the minimum stake to become a validator is 250,000 $RON, players can basically earn back their capital in one year.

Details of the Ronin Network Validators Guide

Ronin Network is set to incorporate new validators into its ecosystem. In this regard, the team is issuing a tutorial that will onboard chosen applicants into the system in no time. The guide is so simple that the average person will be able to set up their node in less than 10 minutes.

Ever since overcoming a security breach, Ronin has grown in strength. It changed the consensus powering its network and incorporated new validators. The transaction facilitators now range from top firms like Google, DappRadar DAO, and QU3ST to regular everyday Axie Infinity players. This also implies that anyone can become a validator and start earning rewards.

To become a validator, interested individuals or firms must have a computer with the following requirements:

  • 8 core CPU
  • 32 Gigabyte of RAM
  • 700 Gigabyte free SSD storage

Ronin Network Validators Requirements

If you have a PC that meets these requisites, proceed to stake a minimum of 250,000 $RON to get a node. However, you can stake more to increase your chance of getting selected to process transactions. This is because the system will select at least 10 validator candidates with the highest stakes. Once you have the required tokens, visit the Validator Dashboard and click on Become a Validator.

Set up your validator and bridge operating nodes. Furthermore, specify your commission rate. After setting your charge, ensure you have a minimum starting balance of 100 $RON necessary to maintain the bridge. Proceed to deposit this fund into the bridge to avoid Slashing. Stake the minimum token requirements to complete your stake.

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