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Yesports to Offer $YESP token for Sale on the 14th of April Before Launching No-Loss Prize Game Competition

Yesports has announced that it will launch the No-Loss Prize Game Competition on the 15th of April, 2023. This gaming guild is offering interested individuals another user-friendly and entertaining to explore the GameFi sector. Besides the gameplay experience, participants will also be opportune to win NFTs and other amazing prizes.

Details of the Yesports No-Loss Prize Game Competition

For those who are new to the platform, Yesports is a GameFi guild that works with different blockchain gaming projects. Anyone who registers to become a member will have access to the games within its portfolio. This guild has members all over the globe and prioritizes their entertainment. As such, the team is constantly updating its portfolio to include new and exciting games, and having flagship games like Planet IX on its marketplace, it is safe to say that things are looking good for Yesports.

Starting from the 15th of April, Yesports No-Loss Prize Game Competition will deliver a thrilling GameFi experience and content. The gaming guild will incorporate better ways for players to earn non-fungible tokens and other valuable rewards. More so, the team will be working with renowned gaming studios and eSports organizations.

How to Participate in the $YESP Token Sale and Staking

How to Participate in the $YESP Token Sale and Staking

There are different methods of entering this competition. However, staking $YESP grants individuals automatic access to this event. Yesports is set to offer its native token for sale on the 14th of April by 03:00 UTC+1. This event will continue till the same time on the 15th of April.

To join this sale, interested investors should visit the website on the 14th of April. Before then, they must also create an account on the crypto exchange and complete the KYC process. Doing this will enable people to purchase $YESP for free. After purchasing the token, proceed to the Yesports prize frame page and stake your $YESP.

Once the competition goes live, the team will announce a random winner from a specific game at the end of the day. This may occur daily, weekly, monthly, or otherwise. It all depends on the type of games involved. People should also create accounts on the Yesports website to be eligible for this competition. They should also join the Discord Server to get the latest updates.

Besides the upcoming competition, those who stake Yesports tokens will also be opportune to connect with eSports teams and enjoy a broad range of games. The gaming guild is set to launch a governance feature, and only those who own $YESP will be able to contribute to that system.

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