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Illuvium Zero Gets a New Patch Release Covering Fixes and New Features

A new update is out for Illuvium: Zero (v0.1.5) with various fixes and new features. The patch includes several bug fixes that will improve the game’s overall feel.

However, it is only available locally right now. So, the developers will need to spend some time balancing it before it can be finalized. Therefore, the company is requesting players to give feedback on the changes to help improve the game.

Illuvium Zero’s Bug Fixes

The update includes fixes for several critical bug’s. One of them is an exploit that lets players clone fuel by selling structures. Additionally, it might rarely happen that resetting a plot would overrun it with obstacles for some reason.

Some key UI bugs fixes are also coming in the patch. Issues like the converter passive generation, the collect button not going away, and incorrect automatic resource generation are gone now.

Additionally, the resource count not showing negative values in T4 plots is also working fine now. Finally, the Hyperion Lathe now calculates efficiency correctly around Hyperion sites.

The game will also have new class icons from now on. One new feature is a warning system that comes when you cancel building upgrades. It tells players that canceling will lead to a loss of all resources.

Furthermore, the experience bar no longer overflows when players reach high levels. Another extra fix is for the frame limiter which is better now. So, no screen tearing will happen now when you move the camera.

New Features in Illuvium Zero

The first new feature in the patch is that transport times will be visible in different marketplace UIs. Furthermore, they will only show data for a maximum of 7 days, and 6-month transfers no longer exist now. So, any existing trades are also going to adhere to these time limits now.

Additionally, the scanning chances will be much more consistent in the future now. So, on each failed scan, players will have a higher chance of finding an illuvial. Once successful, the chance will go back to default.

Addressing Known Issues in Illuvium Zero

Finally, there are still some known issues that the developers of the platform will address. The biggest one is goals getting skipped due to a lack of acknowledgment of previous sequence goals. Additionally, the level also seems to be reset to 100 after players reach level 2900. Lastly, the frame limiter can be inactive sometimes in the main menu when you launch the game. We may see fixes for these issues in the next releases.

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