Axie Infinity Unveils June Development Update
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Axie Infinity Unveils June Development Update

Axie Infinity has published the June development update. This document covers significant achievements that the team accomplished since the last edition of this release. The announcement covers the launch of an iOS app, Avatar Forge, Atia’s Blessings, Blitz Mode, and other new features.

Excerpts from the Axie Infinity June Development Update

The first highlight of this update is the launch of Axie Origins for iOS-powered devices across specific countries in Asia and Latin America. Therefore, players in Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Venezuela, Indonesia, Malaysia, or Vietnam can now engage in gameplay and upgrade their digital assets across Adventure or Arena Modes. What makes this milestone significant is that it is also the first time that Apple will enable the usage of external NFTs to be usable on its App Store.

Axie Infinity June

While launching the iOS app, Axie also released the Mavis Market – the first Ronin general NFT marketplace. This is a significant platform that aids developers in minting their digital collection on the Ronin Blockchain. Lunacians will trade in-game items using the $RON token. They will continue using Katana DEX to swap other cryptocurrencies like $WETH, $USDC, $AXS, and $RON.

Following the launch of the Mavis Market, Axie Infinity listed Axie DoLL Sidekicks and Axie Chat Premium NFTs. These assets are the creation of community members. Since their debut, these collections have amassed a trading volume of more than 30,000 $RON. Interested persons can still obtain these non-fungible tokens from the marketplace.

The Axie Infinity June Development Update also highlighted certain additions to the Axie Universe. Some of them include those listed below:

  • Atia’s Blessing: a feature that boosts Moonshard percentage.
  • Streak: Earning more rewards for visiting Atia’s Shrine consecutively.
  • Blitz Mode: Play games at 1.35 times the regular speed.

Axie Experience Points

As part of the June Development Update is a significant change to Axie core. The team is developing better ways to connect Axies with their owners. After all, these individuals use their time, energy, effort, and skill to improve their avatars. In this regard, Sky Mavis is introducing the Axie Experience points. Despite the early announcement, this feature will only be available in Origins.

According to estimation, there is a 75% chance that this addition will go live in the coming months. Following the release, the team will enable on-chain integration of points that will account for people’s experience from as far back as the auto-battler era. The AXP that people accumulate will be tied to specific Axies and is non-transferable.

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