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Apeiron Launches Guild Wars Invitational – Here the Details!


  • The Apeiron Guild Wars Invitational 2024 will start on July 12 in SEA and July 15 in NA.
  • This year, the community will decide the tournament format between two options: “TournaLeague” and “Tourney + League”.
  • Players can vote for their favorite format on Discord.

The upcoming AGW Invitational has been officially announced. A key event for the Apeiron community that will set the schedule for players of this innovative strategy and battle game. The event will take place online, beginning on July 12 in the SEA region and July 15 in NA.

The main novelty this year is the decision to let the community choose the format for the Invitational. AGW has presented two distinct options to structure the tournament, each designed to offer a unique experience for both players and viewers.

The first option, called “TournaLeague,” combines elements of a tournament and league. This format will span July and August, with one matchday per region each week. Matches will be held on Friday nights for SEA. And Sunday nights for NA. With a total of 16 participating guilds per region, TournaLeague will provide intense competition with its double elimination structure, ensuring action until the end of battles.

Apeiron Takes Community Engagement to the Next Level

On the other hand, the second option, known as “Tourney + League,” divides the Invitational into two distinct parts. It will start with a preliminary tournament for each region, streamed live over several days in July. This tournament will eliminate four guilds, leaving the top 12 to compete in the Invitational League. The League, starting in late July, will feature guild representatives participating in Best of 1 matches three days a week, alternating between SEA and NA.

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Both formats offer attractive rewards. Including Golden Apostle tickets and the chance to secure a spot in the Apeiron Guild Wars Grand Finals for the top teams. It has been clearly emphasized that active participation and community voting are crucial to determining which of the two options will ultimately be implemented.

AGW players can directly influence the development of the Invitational by voting for their preferred format via Discord. The eligibility requirement to vote is being at Chat Level 3. Apeiron has opted for a democratic approach. Aiming to strengthen the sense of community within AGW and elevate player participation and commitment to the next level.

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