Genopets App Update V0.8.1 Goes Live
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Genopets App Update V0.8.1 Goes Live

Genopets is introducing new accessories and better in-game features in the App Update v0.8.1. This is a major step towards achieving the Road to Market. Besides the introduction of new features, the team is also fixing bugs reported by players to ensure a more seamless gameplay experience.

Augmentation and Pet Screen Redesign

The first part of this update is the redesigning of the augmentation screen. Genopets is overhauling this interface to provide players with a better way to explore the intricacies of their digital pets. Within this new app update, users can see the Set Bonuses, Hit Points, and Active Augments that affect specific stats.

This way, they can target specific abilities of their in-game avatars and apply the right combination to improve it. Individuals can better decide on the appropriate training for their genopet to make it more formidable.

Besides the effectiveness, this new UI is also more visually appealing than the prior edition. It is such that people get to understand and improve their pets while enjoying an interface that is equally beautiful.

Other Upgrades in the Genopets App Update V0.8.1

Other Upgrades in the Genopets App Update V0.8.1

Besides the augmentation design, Genopets is revamping the account page. The team is making navigation easier by allowing people to access their pet details by simply looking at the badges. With this new initiative, people will be able to manage their in-game avatars in a more straightforward manner.

To encourage socialization among players, the developers are introducing a new social feature – Friends. This will enable people to interact and expand their network. Individuals can add friends from their contact list or through usernames.

After installing the new update, anyone can customize their profile as they wish. They will simply add a personalized picture and choose a username. The team also added that the Friends feature is the pathway to further social features that are still in the works. Their aim is to provide a dynamic and interactive community.

To kick-start this new social function, Genopets is resetting every username to random names in the App Update V0.8.1. Therefore, anyone who wants to personalize their profile should update it as they want.

In other news, this new patch provides significant improvements in Step Battles. Participants can now ascertain the average steps taken by their prospective opponents before joining a battle. This insight is useful for creating a more effective strategy.

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