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Pancake Bunny Announced the Launch of its Bunny Arcade and First Game Title, REVV Racing

Pancake Bunny, a leading DeFi platform on BSC, today announced the launch of its new game platform Bunny Arcade and the first game that will be played on the platform, REVV Racing. The game is one of its kind in the domain of play-to-earn games as it is a fun, arcade-simulation version of an auto racing game that all auto-race fans would love. 

All cars in REVV Racing are NFTs and each play session has been registered on the blockchain. The game has been built on Polygon and this means that players that are already signed up on the Bunny platform within BSC will need to switch the network of their wallets to MATIC. 

Suffice to mention that Pancake Bunny has partnered with Animoca Brands to release this first title. REVV is the utility token that functions as the main current of action, utility, and purchase in REVV Racing.

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More about Pancake Bunny REVV Racing

REVV Racing has three features, which the playing community can enjoy. First, players can play directly on the Pancake Bunny REVV page simply by clicking on the “PLAY” button. Players that want to test the game can use this feature to get started. The game also features some innovative NFT mechanisms, which associate NFTs to every single car in the game. 

The third feature is a set of mechanisms that allow players to use their BUNNY to win special Bunny Car NFTs. Players can use their BUNNY to buy tickets in the Raffle Pool to stand a chance to win one of the thousand Pancake Bunny REVV Aspires. The raffles are done weekly. 

Players can also stake their BUNNY on the “Ranked Pool” for a chance to win at least one of the 250 unique Pancake Bunny REVV Blurs. The top 240 bettors in the ranked pool will earn from the exclusive edition of Blurs. Additionally, players can stake their BUNNY in the “Reward Pool” in the BSC REVV Tokens to farm $100,000.

About Pancake Bunny

Pancake Bunny is a leading DeFi platform on the BSC. The platform is developed by the MOUND team, consisting of entrepreneurs and developers with a wealth of experience in different games, blockchain projects, quantitative financial services, and social platforms.

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