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Dark Country Releases Roadmap for 2023

The play-to-earn game platform, Dark Country, has released its roadmap for 2023 detailing the plans for the New Year. In retro, the game platform mentioned that despite the war going on in its home country, Ukraine, the team has achieved significant milestones in the past year. 

The highlight of these achievements is the release of the first version of the game in June 2023. The team reiterates its commitment to providing exceptional gaming experience to users on its platform.

It further revealed its plans to make significant progress in the New Year. In light of this, the team has released the Dark Country 2023 Roadmap.

Q1 2023: New Players Onboarding through Leagues and Season

Dark Country revealed its plans to further develop its reward system in addition to introducing a ladder system. It will introduce 3-5 Leagues with Seasons to accomplish this plan. The Leagues and Seasons will restart every two weeks.

The team will also implement a Beginner League in its mobile launch, where players can play using a free standard deck and win rewards.

dark country

Q1-Q2 2023: Release of Mobile Platform

The team plans to launch the Dark Country mobile app in the first quarter of 2023. According to the team, it has made remarkable progress on the development so far and the final product will launch in the coming months. 

In addition to the mobile launch, Dark Country also mentioned its plans to connect with traditional players and Web3 gamers. This will happen through user acquisition tests, among others.

Q1 2023: Updates on Tokenomics

The game platform mentioned that it will revise its SDM token in the first quarter of the year with the goal of unifying SDM and removing divisions across chains. The token revision will help to restructure the token and streamline the inclusion of new blockchains. 

Additionally, the team mentioned it is considering introducing a new soft currency, GOLD, to balance the production of SDM. Users can also expect a new policy, which places 10% of SDM tokens collected in NFT drops in a reserve.

Q1-Q4 2023: 4 New Blockchain Additions

Following its partnership with Ultra.io, Dark Country mentioned it plans to onboard four new blockchains in its platform. The team said it will provide more details on this within a month or two. Additionally, the game platform has launched the process of including support for EVM-based chains, which will be a core part of its expansion strategy.

Dark Country also looks forward to expanding into new platforms and growing its audience throughout the year. Additionally, it plans to release four new expansion sets of forty cards each, which will introduce 160 new cards into the game. This will bring the total number of cards to about 500 by the end of the year. 

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