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Gensokishi Launches Big Update to its Marketplace


  • Gensokishi announces Marketplace update for May 9, 2024.
  • New feature: NFT Purchase Solicitation Function for increased transaction flexibility.
  • Enhancements to search functionality and link to GK Market Analyzer for detailed market analysis.

Gensokishi Online has announced an update to its GENSO Marketplace, scheduled for May 9, 2024. The update aims to enhance the online buying and selling experience of digital assets, introducing a new and innovative feature: the NFT Purchase Solicitation Function.

Since its launch in September 2022, the Marketplace has been a vital meeting point for the Gensokishi community, facilitating transactions totaling over $13 million. With the addition of the NFT Purchase Solicitation Function. Users will now have the ability to request specific offers for the acquisition of NFTs within the game. Gaining a new level of flexibility and efficiency in the purchasing process.

The new function allows users to set the price and desired quantity of the NFTs they wish to acquire, providing a more direct and personalized way to transact in the market. Previously, owners set prices and awaited purchase offers, but with this new function. Potential buyers can take the initiative and specify their purchase terms, streamlining the process for both parties.

gensokishi marketplace

Gensokishi Provides Advanced Market Analysis Tools

Additionally, Gensokishi’s update includes enhancements to the Marketplace’s search functionality. Making it easier for users to find desired assets quickly and efficiently. These improvements will increase platform convenience and accessibility, further enhancing the user experience.

An additional feature of the update will be a link to the GK Market Analyzer on the Marketplace’s homepage. This external site provides detailed analyses of market transactions, including information on transaction numbers, volumes, and NFT prices. While the GK Market Analyzer is only available in Japanese. It is expected to be a valuable tool for users to better understand market dynamics and make informed decisions about their transactions.

It is important to note that during the maintenance process necessary to implement these updates. Access to the Marketplace will be temporarily disabled. However, the resulting benefits of these enhancements are expected to be worthwhile and significantly improve the overall experience in GensoKishi Online.

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