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Mirai Labs Introduces Stake-to-Mint Event for Petopia NFTs

Mirai Labs, a renowned player in the blockchain technology sphere, has made a significant announcement to its community. Starting from January 16, the company will kick off a Stake-to-Mint event for Petopia, an experience that provides gamers with the opportunity to engage in the Petopia NFT hero sale.

The event, commencing at 3 am UTC on January 16, revolves around community participation, allowing players to stake their PGX tokens to accumulate points. These points not only secure them a position in the NFT hero sale but also offer the chance to earn additional bonuses and returns.

Participants have two main ways to accrue points: by staking PGX tokens and referring other players to the campaign. Each staked PGX token earns one point, and referral points are granted for bringing in new participants to the event. This structure encourages active participation and community building around Petopia.

Mirai Offers Substantial Bonuses for Those Locking PGX Tokens Long-Term

A notable feature of the event is the option to lock PGX tokens for different periods, be it 4, 8, or 12 months. This locking action not only provides additional point bonuses but also generates Annual Percentage Rate (APR) yields in PGX. The yield rate increases significantly with the locking period, offering participants attractive incentives for long-term commitment.

The event brings additional benefits for those choosing to stake on the Mirai Chain, offering an extra 20% bonus. This initiative aims to encourage the adoption and use of the Mirai Chain, providing participants with additional opportunities to earn.

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The referral system also plays a crucial role in point accumulation. Participants can earn additional points for every 10,000 PGX staked via referrals, with bonuses increasing significantly for those locking their tokens for longer periods. Moreover, the referred user receives additional referral points after staking a minimum of 10,000 PGX.

The event will culminate by rewarding the top 500 stakers with guaranteed slots in the Petopia NFT hero sale. A total of 738 NFTs have been allocated, with specific rewards for different ranks, ranging from 10 mints and 1 free NFT for the top positions to 1 mint per wallet for those ranked 101-500.

Mirai Labs invites fans and gamers to participate in the Stake-to-Mint, competing to secure privileged positions and gain exclusive rewards. This event not only drives active participation but also strengthens the community around Petopia.

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