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Crabada Introduces Weekly Bounty Challenge: The Champion of Champions

Crabada, a play-and-earn idle game on Avalanche, has introduced its Weekly Bounty Challenge: The Champion of Champions. The event is slated to start every Tuesday at midnight UTC and end at midnight UTC on Thursday. 

Participating players can challenge the top-ranking arena players from previous weeks to see where they stand against them. Also, the gamers who defeat teams during the weekly challenge will emerge victorious and become the Champion of Champions. Exciting rewards are waiting for winners in this event.

What are the Rules of the Challenge?

The category a gamer is playing on will determine his level and everything required of him. The details of the different categories and requirements are enumerated as follows:

  • NepiStrong: Level 100 – The Challenger level limit for this is 100, and all Crabada in this category will battle with equipment.
  • VN.LGFarm: Level 50 – This has a Challenger level limit of 60, and all Crabada in this category will battle without equipment.
  • Team Nunya: Level 10 – The Challenger Limit of this category is 15, and the Crabada in the category will battle without equipment.


Highlights of Rewards for the Weekly Bounty Challenge

Participants in this event will receive in-game items as rewards. However, the players completing the Challenge Bounty will receive item rewards, such as Spinach, Rubies, Player XP, Dragnets, and Crystal Shells. Moreover, the team will distribute the rewards to players’ in-game inboxes every Thursday at the end of the event.

More Events and Updates on the Crabada Game Platform

Crabada has more exciting news, events, and announcements its community members can look forward to. They include the Arena Week 22 Challenge and the Weekly Bounty Challenge. Also, the game platform encouraged users to keep a tab on new events through its social media channels.

More Information about Crabada

Crabada is a Web3 cross-platform idle game themed around a world filled with Crabada, and fierce fighting hermit crabs

Players can explore the rich lands across the Ocean and rise to the challenge of defeating powerful foes while rediscovering the successful ancient kingdom of Crabada. Gamers can earn in-game assets as rewards as they play the exciting idle game. They also get to mine, breed, battle, and loot the enemy’s land.

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