Splinterlands Unveils Pimniq, the Frozen Splinter of the Wild Northeast
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Splinterlands Unveils Pimniq, the Frozen Splinter of the Wild Northeast

Splinterlands, the popular blockchain-based trading card game, has released a new lore update for its fans. The update, titled Splinters of Praetoria, explores the history, culture, and geography of the major splinters of the game world. Each week, a new splinter will be featured in a detailed article that reveals its secrets and mysteries.

The latest splinter to be unveiled is Pimniq, a frozen land in the northern fringes of the Wild Northeast. Pimniq is home to the marine gnomes, a race of hardy and loyal warriors who worship Ulum, the God of Cold, Winter, and Blizzards. Pimniq is ruled by a chieftain who has absolute and unchallenged authority, and who relies on the advice of elders, shamans, and veteran fighters.

Discover the History, Culture, and Magic of the Marine Gnomes 

Pimniq’s economy is based on fishing, ice sculpting, mining, and magic. The gnomes are skilled at carving ice into practical and artistic items, as well as imbuing them with elemental power. They also harvest the bounties of the Colossus Ocean and the Northeast Machair, a vast plain of grass and ice. Their cuisine is spicy and hearty, and its sports are tests of endurance and skill.

Splinterlands Unveils Pimniq, the Frozen Splinter of the Wild Northeast

Pimniq’s history is an oral tradition that preserves the legends of the gnomes and their god. Pimniq’s architecture is a testament to their resilience and creativity, with buildings made of ice and stone, and decorated with ice statuaries. Their music and dance are rhythmic and haunting, expressing their reverence for the elements and their ancestors.

In Splinterlands, players can learn more about Pimniq and other splinters by visiting the SplinterLore website, where they can find a complete list of the splinters and their articles. Splinterlands also invites players to join the conversation on its social media platforms, such as Discord, Telegram, and Twitter. 

Splinterlands is a game that allows players to collect, trade, and battle with digital cards that are powered by the HIVE blockchain. Players can earn crypto and other rewards by playing the game and participating in tournaments and challenges. Splinterlands is one of the most popular and innovative games in the blockchain and crypto space, with a growing and active community of fans and players.

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