The Nemots TCG Gameplay and Earning Potential
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The Nemots Outline TCG Gameplay and Earning Potential

Last month, The Nemots discussed the basics of a Trading Card Game. The team is highlighting the TCG Gameplay and Earning Potential as a follow-up to that address. While issuing this episode, they also compare their projects with Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained and Splinterlands, using key metrics like entry cost, smart NFTs, launch date, sustainable economy, governance, etc.

According to the update, very few web3 games offer the experiences of traditional ones. This is the primary reason for the slow adoption of GameFi among players. To solve this problem, blockchain games prioritize fun as they create a stable earning model based on web3 technology. The reason is simple – players are simply concerned about the benefits.

The Nemots TCG Gameplay Earning Potential

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The Nemots use this opportunity to highlight the benefits of its game while discussing the TCG gameplay earning potential. Users who participate in this playing activity will enjoy the following goodies:

  • Actual Asset Ownership: In traditional web2 games, players simply rent in-game items for playing, from skins and accessories to other assets. They neither have the right to use them outside gameplay nor transfer them to other gamers. With GameFi options like The Nemots, you become the actual owners of anything you purchase or earn while gaming. They are minted on blockchain and can be traded or gifted to your friends and family members.
  • On-Chain Reputation and Proof of Data: The buck does not just stop at allowing you to own your NFTs, as the system also keeps every record. With a block explorer or scanner, you can ascertain the history of every asset. This includes tracing it down to the first owner, regardless of how often the non-fungible token has changed hands. This also applies to user profiles, they are stored on a blockchain. The program will open up multiple gaming and earning opportunities as you progress. No data is lost.
  • Web3 Payment System and Available Marketplace: As the valid owner of your NFTs, you can trade them. This is why The Nemots provides players with the avenue for anyone that wants to leave the ecosystem an avenue to sell off their holdings. Each asset has a token equivalent to enable you to sell them without fuss. You can trade off the tokens equally and receive fiat currency.

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