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PlayMining Issues Notice of Long-Term Maintenance

The NFT-based play-to-earn game platform, PlayMining, has issued a notice of long-term maintenance of its platform and community project. According to the game platform, the maintenance will start on October 17, at 8:00 UTC+8, and ends on October 21, at 18:00.

The team apologizes to users for any inconvenience this long-term maintenance may cause them. PlayMining assures users that the goal of this maintenance is to further boost the content on the platform and allow more players to gain access. 

The team revealed it currently has over 2.5 million players globally, and the maintenance will enable it to cater to 10 million users and, subsequently, 100 million users in the future.

Highlights of the Maintenance and Community Project

The platform mentioned the maintenance duration is subject to change, which means the timeframe given may change without prior notice. During the five-day maintenance timeframe, users will be unable to access any content on the platform.

However, users can trade $DEP on community services, including Discord. They can also trade the token on other Crypto Exchanges during the period. While users cannot access the game platform while the maintenance is going on, they can explore other PlayMining social networking services for more entertainment and earning.

According to the notice, PlayMining is launching a large community project on Discord, Twitter, and other social networking platforms to give away $DEP and NFT.

The platform encourages users to leverage this opportunity to receive DEP and NFT as they prepare to enjoy the PlayMining platform to the fullest after the maintenance

What Areas are targeted for Maintenance?

The game platform revealed its maintenance will cover all the game platforms associated with it. These include Job Tribes, Cookin’ Burger, Menyan Dragon Ramen, and PlayMining NFT. All through the 5-day maintenance period, users of these platforms cannot access the games or perform any transactions on them. . 

It is worth mentioning that the NFT giveaway and $DEP airdrop campaigns will hold for each game under the PlayMining main platform. PlayMining stated it will announce more details on these campaigns at a later date through its platform.

PlayMining is a content platform where users can earn DEAPCoin by playing Job Tribes, Cookin’ Burger, Menyan Dragon Ramen, and using its PlayMining NFT.

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