McDonald's Launches McNuggets Land in The Sandbox
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McDonald’s Launches McNuggets Land in The Sandbox

Mcdonald’s has launched the McNuggets Land in The Sandbox. The chain restaurant ain’t is set to make an epic entry into the metaverse. This is why it is collaborating with the game to offer players a virtual world that is themed after the loved and popular golden and crispy McNuggets.

As with digital land sales within the Sandbox, there will be several experiences. Users will be opportune to win $SAND and other digital items. Every gameplay in this event will draw inspiration from the famous McDonald’s catchphrase “Please Share”. Meanwhile, players in Hong Kong will get special benefits.

Not too long ago, The Sandbox ceased operations to undergo significant updates. A few days ago, the team announced that the modifications were complete, and the metaverse is now open for operations.

Details of the McDonald’s McNuggets Land Debut in The Sandbox

Details of the McDonald's McNuggets Land Debut in The Sandbox

Starting from the 20th of July, users will get the opportunity to engage in various forms of gameplay. People will be able to use McNuggets as avatars for gaming. They can take selfies of these in-game characters and share them on social media platforms. Besides the major experience, there will also be multiple mini-games.

The McDonald’s McNuggets Land experience in The Sandbox is a celebration of the Chicken Nuggets’ 40th anniversary in Hong Kong.  In this regard, the company is rewarding its members who are enthusiasts and active users of the virtual world.

As mentioned earlier, there will be special benefits for players who reside in Hong Kong. Therefore, these individuals will be getting special rewards that are not part of the prize pool.

Below are the benefits for Hong Kong members:

  • The 4th, 14th, 40th, 140th, 240th, 340th, 440th, 640th, 840th, and 1040th players who successfully complete all the quests will receive 365-day free chicken nuggets.
  • 10,000 players who complete at least 1 quest will receive 6 pieces of the Extra Value Meal Coupon.

Besides the specific reward for Hong Kong players, there will also be general rewards for global players. This prize pool is open to all players who join the event. This includes the following:

  • 10,000 $SAND to be distributed among players who complete all the quests.
  • Players who complete all the quests are guaranteed to win a mystery box.
  • Anyone who completes a minimum of 1 quest will receive memorabilia.

Meanwhile, players should ensure they read the terms and conditions of this event.

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