Tiny Kingdom zkSync – A New Game Experience with Rewards
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Tiny Kingdom zkSync – A New Game Experience with Rewards

Do you love playing games and earning rewards? If yes, then you will love Tiny Kingdom zkSync too. It is a game that lets you create your own kingdom, battle with other players, and get TES tokens.

TES tokens are the currency of the Tiny World platform. You can use them to buy more heroes, items, and land.

How to Play Tiny Kingdom zkSync

Tiny Kingdom zkSync is easy to play. You just need to visit the official website and connect your wallet. After that, you can use any hero NFTs from the Tiny World platform to play. You can also stake your hero NFTs in the game to earn more rewards.

Official Launch Time

Tiny Kingdom zkSync will start its first season on July 21st at 8:00 AM UTC. The first season will last for four weeks until August 17th. There will be more seasons in the future with different themes and challenges.

Tiny Kingdom

So Much to Win

Tiny Kingdom zkSync has a huge reward pool of 5 million TES tokens. You can win these tokens by ranking high in different categories. These categories are Castle Power, Arena Points, and World Contribution. You can also win daily rewards by ranking high in the arena and the boss trial modes.

Special Offer for Tiny Kingdom zkSync

To celebrate the launch of Tiny Kingdom zkSync, there is a special offer for the first two seasons. The daily ranking rewards will be doubled for these seasons.

That means you can win four times more TES tokens in the arena mode in season one, and two times more TES tokens in both the arena and the boss trial modes in season two.

Important Notes for Tiny Kingdom zkSync

Once you send your hero NFTs to the game, you cannot take them back or sell them on the NFT marketplace. You must withdraw them through the game. Also, you can use your hero NFTs in both Tiny Lord and Tiny Kingdom games at the same time.

Changes for Tiny Lord Game

Finally, Tiny Lord is another game on the platform. To make this game better, some changes have been made. These changes are about the number of territories, the combat power calculation, the retreat mechanism, and the protection time formula. For more details, please check the whitepaper or vote on TinyDAO.

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