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How Much can I Earn in 2023 Playing DeRace?

Since the launch of Tennis for Two sometime in 1958, video games have changed the gaming preference of a generation. Video games have taken over the world of entertainment, with games like Minecraft, League of Legends, and Fortnite being played by millions globally.

In recent years, a new gaming experience built on the blockchain ecosystem has taken over. This emerging game category is called play-to-earn and is premised on ownership of in-game items and currency supported by NFTs and cryptocurrencies. DeRace is a game in this category. 

DeRace allows gamers to earn while engaging in their favorite pastime – gaming. This article explores the earning potential in playing DeRace and other pertinent things to know about the game.

What is DeRace?

DeRace is a play-to-earn virtual NFT-based horse racing game metaverse where gamers become racehorse owners, breeders, or bookmakers. Players earn $DERC by participating in races with their virtual horses, betting on races, breeding NFT horses, or hosting races.

Races hold in hippodromes, and gamers can enter their horses to participate. Gamers pay the $DERC fees to hippodrome owners to participate in the races. Winners receive the prize money after the race, and the hippodrome owner also takes their cut.

DeRace uses an integrated VRF technology from Chainlink with NFT horse stamina and speed attributes to determine winners.

DeRace NFT

How to Earn

There are many ways to earn in the DeRace metaverse. These include breeding NFT horses, playing mini-games, racing, and betting.

Breeding: You can breed male and female horses to produce more NFT horses. Breeding results in offspring, which you can sell on the secondary markets.

Racing: Horse owners can enter their NFT horses in races to compete for a share of a prize pool. Winning horses receive rewards from the race prize pool.

Bookmaking: Users on the game platform can own hippodrome tokens and become bookmakers. Hippodromes are where races hold, and you share in the proceeds from events held in your hippodrome. Bookmakers in DeRace can earn passive income from revenue from hippodromes.

How much can you earn in 2023 playing DeRace?

You can buy and breed NFT horses with unique attributes. You can also build your NFT hippodrome and host races, or equip your NFT horses to participate in races. How much you earn is a function of the activity you participate in and the number of $DERC you earn.

For instance, if you host a race in your hippodrome, you get a cut of the proceeds from the event. You can then exchange your earnings for fiat at the exchange market. At the time of this writing, 1 $DERC is 0.1442 on Coinmarketcap. 

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