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Mist Metaverse Issues Pre-Alpha Test Details

Mist Metaverse is set to launch the pre-alpha edition of its game for testing. Following this announcement, it is issuing comprehensive information on what this event entails. It believes that doing this will enable players to have positive and productive expectations for the pre-alpha.

Part of this update includes how to prepare for the launch and get tokens on the BSC testnet. It also highlights the features that will be available in this test edition. While a lot of features will be available immediately, some will come towards the end.

The Mist Metaverse Pre-Alpha Test

During the pre-alpha, players will act as test users and try out features in the core systems in Mist Metaverse. Working with the game’s dev team, they will ascertain if these essential elements are optimized for the best user experience. Despite its announcement, it will be testing every single system within the gameplay. However, it wants to focus on the main points for the following reasons:

  • Proper testing focuses on the core elements.
  • Failure to properly test the core aspects will result in bugs and a bad player experience.

As such, the pre-alpha will take place in stages. Mist Metaverse will only most to the next testing stage after it completes the current one. Therefore, some features will be intentionally removed from the game at the beginning. It will only add them after their foundation aspect is working properly. For example, it will not add PVP until spells and abilities are working optimally. After all, players cannot challenge each other without spells and abilities working properly.

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The game also gave a breakdown of what to expect on the first day of the pre-alpha. They include:

  • Server load and performance
  • Functional basic shopkeep system merged to blockchain
  • Character controller and action combat system
  • Basic physical combat, basic ranged combat, and basic spell combat
  • Functional basic NFT item and stats import
  • Large-scale in-game environment performance
  • Functional basic stats system with working bonuses
  • Most races will be playable
  • Functional basic blockchain transactions

Similarly, some features will not be optimized or available immediately upon launch. They are:

  • Larger player counts and server load
  • NFT crafting system build-out testing
  • Other characters, races and gender
  • Addition of different items, weapons, and cities
  • PVP earning competitions
  • Guild System build-out
  • Mist Banking and Staking
  • Full NFT Land buildout

How to connect to the BSC Testnet:

To participate in the Mist Metaverse pre-launch test, users must connect to the BSC testnet. Add the network to your Metamask wallet using the following details:

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