Seed Chumbi NFT Drop Schedule
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Chumbi Valley Releases Seed Chumbi NFT Drop Schedule

Chumbi Valley is set to reward exclusive Seed Chumbi NFT holders. These NFT holders will get different NFT drops during the period of the Seed Chumbi NFT Drop Schedule. Announcement of this drop was made via the Chumbi Valley Medium Page. Details are as follows.

Details of Seed Chumbi NFT Drop Schedule

The Seed Chumbi NFT Drop schedule runs from 22nd of February to the 26th of April. Over this period, there will be four alternating drops. This wide timeframe offers non-holders to get the NFT from the marketplace.

  • 1st NFT Drop, 22nd February 2022 8pm GMT+8: this is also known as the Pod Remnant drop. This NFT are the broken remnants of a pod that a Seed Chumbi hatched from. It has no utility in the game. However, it does have a 4x rarity level. You can also use it to decorate your forest home world or Chumbi Village land plot.
  • 2nd NFT Drop 15th March 2022 8pm GMT+8: the second drop is the Name Tag NFT. This NFT may not be rare, but is still a special item. It has in-game utility and you can use it to to update the name metadata of your Chumbi NFT.
  • 3rd NFT Drop 5th April 2022 8pm GMT+8: the Chumbi Trail NFT drop shows that Chumbi Valley is alternating between drop. Like the first drop, Chumbi Trail does not have any game utilization. However, it is 4x rare and serves as a Chumbi Cosmetic. You can equip it to your Chumbi for special glowing effect trailing behind them as they walk.
  • 4th NFT Drop 26th April 2022 8pm GMT+8: the Nimble Boots drop is the final drop. Despite not having any rarity level, it does offer gameplay utility. With this NFT, your Chumbi will have sturdy boots to wear when exploring the forest. Also, these boots actually double the walking speed of your in-game character.

Other Details of the Drop

Seed Chumbi NFT Drop Schedule Details

The distribution of this drop will be per Chumbi Seed NFT, not per user. In other words, users holding more NFTs will receive more drops. For drops 1 & 3, there will be Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythic levels of rarity. Furthermore, the rarity of the NFT you hold will determine the rarity of drop you will receive.

For drop 1, this is the breakdown of NFT rarity and their amounts: 400 Mythic, 800 Legendary, 1200 Epic, 1696 Rare. Similarly, drop 3 will aldo feature 400 Mythic, 800 Legendary, 1200 Epic, 1696 Rare. Even better, players can sell their NFTs immediately they receive them from the drops.

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