Splinterlands closes 'Rebellion' pre-sale with almost 500,000 packages
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Splinterlands Closes ‘Rebellion’ Pre-Sale with Total Success: Almost 500,000 Packages Purchased

The pre-sale phase of the “Rebellion” expansion in Splinterlands has concluded with resounding success, with the community purchasing a total of 492,665 packs, of which 441,819 were purchased and 50,846 were obtained as bonuses.

This achievement highlights the commitment and dedication of the gaming community towards the collectible card game. The pre-sale closing was an exciting moment, with over 100 community members gathering on Discord to celebrate.

Key figures such as Aggroed and Hardpoint were actively involved, highlighting Hardpoint with the creation of a dynamic leaderboard that kept everyone on the edge of their seats during the last hour of the pre-sale.

Beyond the impressive number of packs, this milestone underscores the strength and passion of the Splinterlands community.

In addition, a rare opportunity has been opened for the top six pack buyers, who will have the exclusive opportunity to participate in the design of a Legendary Summoner card, thus leaving their mark on the history of the game.

Additionally, it has been announced that the “Rebellion” expansion will bring significant changes to the gameplay dynamics, promoting a new phase in strategy and tactical approach.

The expansion is expected to not only introduce new cards and mechanics to the game, but also place emphasis on player skill and quick decision-making. This change aims to offer a more challenging and balanced gaming experience, where players will be able to demonstrate their strategic prowess in exciting battles full of surprises.

The “Rebellion” in Splinterlands expansion is scheduled for release on Tuesday, December 5

In this event, packs purchased during the pre-sale will be unlocked, new cards and mechanics will be integrated into the game, and players will be able to claim their rewards.

Simultaneously, the general sale of Rebellion packs will begin, with a total of 9.5 million available for game enthusiasts.

Splinterlands sweeps 'Rebellion' pre-sales: More than 490,000 packages purchased

The pre-sale success of “Rebellion” not only shows the fervent support of the community, but also previews an exciting future for Splinterlands.

This game, known for its emphasis on skill and quick decision-making, promises a renewed and challenging experience with the arrival of this expansion.

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