The Red Village No Holds Barred Championship
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The Red Village Announces No Holds Barred Championship

The Red Village has announced that the No Holds Barred Championship will go live on the 2nd of March. This competition is open to all champions and there are no restrictions whatsoever. There will be different categories to cover all types of players. In addition, the prize pool consists of thousands of $USD tokens.

The Red Village No Holds Barred Championship is a fighting festival where players are permitted to win by any possible means. The game will remove many of the rules and regulations guiding most tournaments. This is a test edition and there may be subsequent editions if it becomes popular.

Details of The Red Village No Holds Barred Championship

This event is open to both free and paid users. However, TRV will favour paid players when distributing the Prize pool. In addition, the Paid format will be completed before the Free form. Those who qualify for the Paid section will not be eligible for the free subdivision. This will ensure that everyone can participate without affecting the qualifying score of others.

The Red Village Championship

All champions intent on joining this competition must complete 7 contests in order to qualify. These are not just any 7 random games. Therefore, interested contestants must carefully select the tournaments they engage in.

Below is a breakdown of the Paid and Free Entries process:

  • Paid: Players must complete 8-player and top-2 payout bloodbath contests to qualify. Double-ups, 1v1, regular class and conditional battles do not increase your score. Those who participate in higher-tier fights will gain access to advanced entry tournaments.
  • Free: users must win traditional top-2payouts and 8-player fights to stand a qualifying chance. Similarly, 1v1s, regular, conditional, and double-up battles do not impact a contestant’s score. Those who qualify for the paid section are automatically ineligible for the semifinals of the free entry.

By the 12th of March, the semifinals will kick off. Unlike the qualifiers where all champions are eligible, only 128 players will make it to this stage. Subsequently, only 32 users will make it to the preliminary finals that will take place on the 13th of March. The best 8 players will reach the final which will take place on the 14th of March.

They will be ranked according to how many points they get. Below is a breakdown of the allocation system:

  • 1st position: 70 points
  • 2nd position: 25 points.
  • Placed: 10 points
  • Lost: 10 points.

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