Nakamoto Games Brawler Master Tournament Set for May 19th
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Nakamoto Games Launches First Arcade Emporium NFT Game

The web3 gaming hub, Nakamoto Games, has announced the introduction of its first Arcade Emporium NFT – Brawler Master, to replace Goal Rush. The NFT will launch on March 2, 2023, at 10:00 am UTC.

According to the game platform, its newest service, Arcade Emporium NFTs, will put game ownership into the hands of its community members.

What is the Brawler Master?

Brawler Master is a fast-paced, action-packed fighting game where gamers have the responsibility to restore law and order on the streets. They have to take on hordes of criminals to maintain safety in the city. Brawler Master is loaded with slick 3D graphics and addictive fighting mechanics that will push you to beat high scores

Nakamoto Games mentioned that its plan to switch its first Arcade Emporium NFT from Goal Rush to Brawler Master is because of its community’s feedback. The game further stated that Brawler Master will be a huge surprise to the lucky buyer who first purchases the NFT. 

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It revealed that the owner of the Brawler Master will have a seamless process of creating hype and gaining momentum. They can also draw engagement for the universally loved action-packed game genre. That is because the more traction the game gets, the higher the revenue and the return on investment.

More Details about the Brawler Master NFT

Nakamoto Games has revealed that the cost of Brawler Master is 30,000 NAKA. There is only one piece of each NFT, which gives the holder the sole rights to every commission earned whenever the Brawler Master game is played.

Using an exceptional marketing strategy, the owner can earn enormous profits from the digital asset. The best part is that they can use the well-established Nakamoto Games brand to popularize the game. According to the game platform, owning the Brawler Master allows anyone to become an advertiser, promoter, or entrepreneur.

It is worth mentioning that the Arcade Emporium is an excellent passive income opportunity for investors. It is the Nakamoto Game’s way of putting all power into the hands of its community members.

The community benefits from the hype generated by numerous independent promoters. It means bigger prize pools and higher $NAKA value. It also means potentially more campaigns and tournaments with huge rewards in the nearest future.

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