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Shrapnel Cracks Down on Cheaters: Permanently Bans Users for Unfair Play


  • Shrapnel implements strong measures against game manipulation, permanently excluding users who use strategies such as “teaming” and “account sharing”.
  • The company has implemented detection systems to identify and prevent these practices. Removing users who violate the terms of use and facing possible permanent bans.
  • Additionally, it faces regulatory challenges in the United States, seeking to resolve restrictions to allow U.S. users to transfer their game earnings to their bank accounts.

The popular blockchain shooter game Shrapnel has taken strong action against users attempting to manipulate its system for unfair advantage. Recently, the game’s development team announced that any user found using strategies like “teaming” and “account sharing” will be permanently excluded from the platform.

These measures come after Shrapnel identified several cases of users attempting to manipulate the game during early access events. “Teaming,” which involves multiple players coordinating to defeat others, and “account sharing,” which allows one player account to be used by multiple individuals from different devices, were the detected practices.

The company has made it clear that these actions violate the game’s terms of use and negatively impact individual players’ experiences. As a result, detection systems have been implemented to identify and prevent these anomalies. Users found in violation of the terms of use will be removed from the leaderboard and face possible permanent bans.

Shrapnel’s decision has sparked debate within the gaming community. Some members have expressed concern that these measures will affect groups and communities that prefer to play as teams. However, the company has clarified that action will only be taken against those users found unfairly coordinating to climb the leaderboard, not against those legitimately playing with friends.

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Shrapnel Continues Its Legal Battle Against the SEC

In addition to measures against game manipulation, Shrapnel is also gearing up for its transition to a fully live state. The company has urged players to report any abuse as it prepares for the full game launch. With the game fully live, players will be able to mine digital assets, including NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Making it even more important to ensure a fair and equitable gaming environment.

Meanwhile, Shrapnel continues to face regulatory challenges in the United States. In September 2023, the game decided to prohibit U.S. Users from cashing out their game assets due to complications with the Securities and Exchange Commission. However, the team behind Shrapnel is working to resolve these restrictions. Allowing U.S. users to transfer their game earnings to their bank accounts in the near future.

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