Sidus Heroes Nidum Version 0.2.23 Patch Notes Goes Live
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Sidus Heroes Nidum Version 0.2.23 Patch Notes Goes Live

Sidus Heroes is releasing the NIdum Version 0.2.23 of its game in a recent update. This patch note will oversee the addition of new quests and the Hero Upgrade Center to the game. The team is also designing a compensation plan for co-owners of the Staking Module.

Updates in the Sidus Heroes Nidum Version 0.2.23

With this new update, players will now have limited access and subscriptions to the Longum NFT Collection. This means that users without Heroes will be able to play the Arena Battler. Over 7 days, individuals will get 3 Longum collection cards to use for battles.

Nevertheless, these free players will get non-NFT cards. This means that they may not get the same privileges as the regular NFT players.

Anyone who subscribes without using the trial period will receive an additional 7 extra days to the standard 30-day subscription period. Their Heroes will receive a unique resource known as Trantoe. More so, people can only invest $SIDUS and $SENATE in the modules.

Nidum DeGame Quests

Nidum DeGame Quests

With this new patch note, DeGame is introducing the Linea Entertainment Festival. This is an extraordinary event and will feature every game in the SIDUS Metaverse. Considering that this exercise is organized by the biggest GameFi aggregator, it promises to be an astonishing experience for participants.

DeGame Quests will go live by 9:00 UTC on the 27th of September. This event will continue till 9:00 UTC on the 10th of October. Interested participants can join this competition by completing quests at the Nidium Stations to earn contribution points. Meanwhile, only users who have a DeGame account and a Metamask wallet can undertake these missions.

There are two varieties of quests that people will undertake during the period outlined above. The first ones are those users can complete by winning battles in the arena or opening lootboxes. However, there are others where players have to contribute to modules or make deposits into their accounts. More so, players should claim their CP points once they complete any quest.

The team is setting aside $110,000 worth of $SIDUS tokens and 110 unique Tembazar robots as rewards for the best contestants. Distribution of rewards will take place after the event is over, not immediately after individuals complete quests. Anyone who is interested can access the full list of missions on the SIDUS HEROES page on DeGame.

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