Explore the Magical Maze in the Labyrinth Quest by JobTribes
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Explore the Magical Maze in the Labyrinth Quest by JobTribes

JobTribes introduces a thrilling new event from October 4th to 11th – the Labyrinth Quest. In this event, players will climb up different floors of a mysterious maze that enhances the abilities of their amulets.

They need to use smart strategies to overcome the special skills of the enemy amulets and advance further. Many adventurers are eager to find treasure and the rare “Archaeologist” amulet and other treasures that can only be obtained in this play to earn game. What secrets will they discover at the end of the labyrinth?

Amazing Adventures and Rewards

Players can get rewards by clearing each floor for the first time before facing harder challenges. The lower floors give elixirs and coins while the higher floors offer precious gems, sands, and the elusive “Archaeologist.”

A shop allows players to use coins to buy NFTs, tickets, materials and more. There are also limited lottery chances to get the famous amulet or its version as an extra bonus. With so much to win, exploring the labyrinth is worth it for adventurous players.

Amazing Adventures and Rewards

Prepare for Your Quest

The event by JobTribes runs from October 4th’s maintenance until the 11th, and players can only enter the maze using their own NFTs and amulets. They cannot use any scholars loaned assets, so they need to plan their defenses well.

The rewards will be in the form of DEAPchecks that users can exchange for tokens that support the ecosystem’s development. The shop remains open until the 25th for players to use their selection tickets.

The JobTribes Labyrinth Shop

Players can use coins to buy various items in the labyrinth shop. A ruler NFT costs a whopping 150,000 coins while the Archaeologist costs 45,000 coins. A lottery entry costs 6,500 coins.

Players can use tickets to choose new amulets and materials for lower prices, allowing them to shop wisely. Everything encourages players to go deeper into the labyrinth and find its hidden treasures.

Unique Challenge for Players

The labyrinth by JobTribes is a unique challenge for players who want to use their assets’ full potential against the maze masters. The event has immersive and engaging gameplay with different floors, skills, and rare items.

The path is unknown, but one thing is clear – this quest is for brave adventurers who want to find fortune in the maze. May they use their wisdom to succeed in this magical new event from the platform!

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