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Axie Infinity Introduces Axie Core

In its commitment to continue delivering on an expanded vision for Axie, Axie Infinity, the renowned play-to-earn gaming metaverse, is introducing Axie Core.

According to the game platform, its goal is to go beyond a single gaming experience to a more robust re-imaging of the metaverse.

Axie Core: What is it?

It is the Axie experience not tied to a single game. Axie Core is eternal and the universal Axie aesthetic and experience. It aims to fortify the emotional bond between users and their Axies.

The areas of Axie defined by Axie Core include Equipment Accessories, Breeding, and Upgrading parts. It also covers Axie raising, including petting and feeding, and Downloading a profile picture (PFP) or avatar.

All these aspects are crucial to establishing a strong emotional connection between users and their Axies. It is worth mentioning that Axie core is the foundational connection for all Axie gaming experiences. It will produce a flywheel between the NFT gaming and all collectible areas within Axie’s ecosystem.

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What are the Features of Axie Core?


Accessories are cosmetic pieces users can add to their Axies to customize and enhance their appearance. These enhancements are crucial to contemporary gaming ecosystems. In addition to customizing Axies’ appearance, users can also sell or trade these accessories as NFTs. 

This will unlock an exciting opportunity for the community. Axie Infinity said it will introduce its community to all these accessories during this Holiday Season.

Part Upgrading

According to Axie Infinity, Part upgrading has been an important component of its vision since launch, and plans to deliver on it by 2023. The game platform further revealed that it sees upgraded parts as a traditional additive to all gaming experiences within its ecosystem.

The team assures that with time, the Axie experiences will not just be associated with fun experiences or games where users can gather tokensThey will become experiences that enable users to upgrade the personality and collectability of their axies.

According to the game platform, this will be the key to unlocking true bonding and satisfying progression with axies.

Breeding and Raising

Breeding remains central to the Axie experience and the biggest contributor to the treasury inflows in the ecosystem. Axie Infinity said it plans to hone in on how the breeding system interrelates with other areas of the ecosystem.

It mentioned it is looking at upgrading the part systems and introducing new genes and body parts to the ecosystem. According to the game, feeding and raising Axie as real digital pets will create more design space for more breeding.

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