Faraland Flash Tournament Set for October 2nd
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Faraland Flash Tournament Set for October 2nd

Faraland is informing community members that it will be launching the Flash Tournament on the 2nd of October 2023. It is more or less a mini version of the Era of Legionnaire competition. Participants will be opportune to earn rewards for beating their rivals in battle.

Details of the Faraland Flash Tournament

This is a PVP contest set to go live by 8:00 AM UTC on the 2nd of October. Participants have from that date till 8:00 AM UTC on October 5th to engage in battles and rake up maximum points. As with usual practice, Faraland will reset the ranking system before the competition goes live on October 2nd.

Once the tournament begins, participants will be opportune to engage in 20 matches. Only those who meet these criteria will be eligible for rewards. Speaking of prizes, Faraland will be compensating those that finish in the top 300 spots on the rankings.

After this first round, the system will sort contestants into four pools according to each player’s position on the leaderboard. The pools will be according to 4 different periods in a day. More so, contestants can only engage with users from their pool

Below is an example of the pools:

  • 00:00 UTC.
  • 08:00 UTC.
  • 12:00 UTC.
  • 16:00 UTC.

After the team puts everyone into different categories, they will assign 20 bots to each person. These bots can only appear within in-game frames and will be reset by 00:00 UTC every day. As with standard practice, only accounts with 3 Heroes or more can engage in PVP battles. The sword icon will appear in the PVP section once the time frame is complete.

Rules Guarding This Tournament

Rules Guarding This Tournament

Interested players must know the following rules before joining the Faraland Flash Tournament:

  • Only those who are part of guilds are eligible for this tournament. People who participate in this contest without meeting this eligibility criteria will see their ELO points reset to 2000.
  • Faraland is strongly advising players against exploiting bugs within the games to their advantage. Participants who notice anything suspicious should take videos or images as proof of such incidents. The team will review the footage and punish the offender by deducting 100 ELO from their profile.

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