Crabada Battle Game v1.1.5 Update
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Crabada to Deploy Battle Game v1.1.5 Update on November 21st

Crabada has announced that it will deploy the Battle Game v1.1.5 update on Monday, the 21st of November 2022. This patch will improve factions, classes, equipment, eye effects and pincer skills. More significantly, it will be launching the 1st Anniversary trivia as the game enters its birthday week. Players will be opportune to win 200 Spinach from this event.

Details of the Crabada Battle Game v1.1.5 Update

As the Crabada Battle Game v1.1.5 Update goes live on the 21st of November, the team will initiate a faction balance. Bulk will depart from the Ore faction and join Trench, while Prime will join Faeries from Lux.

These classes are now part of the following factions:

  • Abyss – Ruined
  • Trench – Sunken and Bulk
  • Ore – Surge
  • Lux – Gem
  • Machine – Craboid
  • Faeries – Organic and Prime

Despite this balance, there will be no changes to the factional advantage chart. This is as shown below:

  • Abyss > Trench and Machine
  • Ore > Abyss and Trench
  • Faeries > Ore and Abyss
  • Lux > Ore and Faeries
  • Machine > Faeries and Lux
  • Trench > Lux and Machine

Meanwhile, the classes themselves will undergo adjustments. This is as shown below:

  • Bulk and Gem Class: increase in base defence stats.
  • Sunken Class: 150% increase to the Pincer Skill Bar when you regularly attack an enemy Crabada.
  • Craboid Class: Deals double critical damage, 150% more than the other classes.

These are the changes to the HP recovery rate:

  • Recover 35% HP after typical attack damage.
  • Additonal 25% HP recovery for other crabs in your team.

Crabada is adjusting the pincer skills to the following:

  • Surge: Crazor, Vocrano, Spikey (Ivar), Cratos, Rubie
  • Sunken: Craken, Creasure, Crucket, Crotopus
  • Prime: Bitcoin, Cardano, Near, Ether, CZ, Fantom
  • Bulk: C-Rex, Charoite, Rocco, Chief, Cropion
  • Craboid: Twinner, One Punch, Cropter, Plasma, Lasery, Redeye, Crocket, Gear
  • Ruined: Skul, Cragon, Crombie, Deadeye, Cranosis, Cramun-Ra, Crauldron
  • Gem: Lapidari, Paraiba, Cranet, Croyo, Earl Cray
  • Organic: Adam, Bulbie, Crawberry
  • Legendary: Astray Spirit

Crabada 1st Anniversary Trivia

As it approaches its birthday, Crabada launches the 1st Anniversary Trivia. Interested persons can join this competition between now and 00:00 AM UTC on the 20th of November 2022. Fill out this form and answer all questions correctly to get 200 Spinach. Those who do not provide all the correct answers will still receive consolation prizes.

Participants must create accounts on the platform. This is because rewards will be distributed to their in-game inbox at the end of the event. Users must enter the email linked to their Crabada accounts when inputting their data. Using an alternative mail may render your submission invalid.

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