Four Gods New Year Event
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Four Gods Announces New Year Event

Four Gods announces the upcoming launch of a New year Event. The team wants to usher players into the new year with activities. Various engagements will be from the 29th of December 2022 to the 11th of January 2023. Each day will feature special rewards for participants. This update comes after the deployment of a recent patch note.

Details of the Four Gods New Year Event

Below is a breakdown of the activities and their prize pool:

  • 1st day – 10 Epic Enhancement Spells
  • 2nd day – 3 Million Gold
  • 3rd day – 10 Epic Aspect Gear Ticket for the next 3 days
  • 4th day – 5 times Bound Aspect Gear Enhancement Spell
  • 5th day – 200 units of Growth Fragment
  • 6th day – 3 Roulette Tickets
  • 7th day – White Wolf Summon Stone D and Upgrade Stone S

Note: The first day is the 29th of December 2022. Subsequent days follow accordingly.

As the Four Gods New Year Event goes live, there will be a Departed tower HOT TIME. When this happens, there will be a 2 times drop rate for EXP and Items in the Departed Tower F1 and F2. In addition to this feature, the Field Boss will also appear more frequently.

Below are the details of the new appearance time for the field boss:

  • Unleashed Kendatta – 12 PM, 6 PM and 11 PM
  • Unleashed Black Dragon King – 12 PM, 6 PM and 11 PM
  • Unleashed Yoma Bird – 12 PM, 6 PM and 11 PM
  • Unleashed Colossus – 12 PM, 6 PM and 11 PM
  • Departed Ruler – 1 AM and 1 PM
  • Unleashed Beard Evil – 7 PM, 11 PM and 03 AM

Update Patch Note

Four Gods Patch Note

There will be a maintenance update to usher in the New Year Event. It includes a reset to the Departed Tower F1 and F2 crafting. The Special Cross Demon King Crafting number will also be reset. Players can obtain the Event Codex by hunting in the Departed Tower. They can also earn the Departed Essence by defeating the Monster in the Departed Tower.

Meanwhile, packages and limited products will reset at 00:00 every Monday. This will occur according to your server’s time zone. The team is extending the Green Gen 1+1 event until 23:59 on the 4th of January.

Besides improving gameplay, the following bugs have been fixed:

  • Undelivered rewards after watching ads.
  • Changing of product prices from $USD to $KRW.

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