Axie Infinity Offseason Patch
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Axie Infinity Deploys Off Season Patch

Following the launch of Homeland, Axie Infinity has deployed an off-season patch. At the time of this announcement, Origin is currently in maintenance mode to enable the team to effect improvements. It will feature the introduction of new Cards, Runes, Charms, and class mechanics. This is part of the plan to prepare for season 2.

Details of the Axie Infinity Off Season Patch

Axie Infinity announced the off season patch deployment on the 29th of December, 2023. While updating the community, the team did not say the time frame for this update. However, they did give insights into what users should expect.

For example, they stated that players will receive a complete set of Season 2 Runes and Charms for the remainder of this off season. It will be sent to players directly and they can access these items from their inventory. Users should check their mailboxes for notifications. Meanwhile, no one will craft or disenchant these assets for Moonshards. This is because the system will remove them when season 2 begins.

Axie Infinity Homeland Official Gameplay

However, players will enjoy multiple copies of Runes and Charms. This enable them utilize the new ecosystem and facilitate testing. Those that cannot be  crafted and disenchanted will be removed when season 2 goes live. At the time of this update, the team has disabled all Season 1 mechanics.

Some cards now have border colours that match their mechanics. This is as shown below:

  • Green: Retain, Keep and Return
  • Blue: Initial and Innate
  • Yellow: Banish, Ethereal, Unstable, Degade and Exile
  • Red: Cards affected by Sleep

As the off season patch takes effect, players must now play at least 1 Ranked game everyday to avoid decay. Decays takes place by 00:00 AM GMT daily. This process applies to every rank above the Hare level.

In addition, the match making system now pits players whose ratings are closer to each other. This ensures more competitive gameplay and gives everyone equal chances. Users will be placed in a queue, while Axie Infinity sorts them according to their ranks. However, the mechanism may still widen the gap if there are no close matches.

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Glitch that causes the withdrawal of S0’s Malediction Runes.
  • Keep mechanism not working during practice battles.

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