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Axie Infinity Raylights Goes Live

Axie Infinity has launched Raylights – the first land mini-game for lawn owners. This is a significant milestone towards the building a premier Web3 Brand & IP project of endless experiences. More so, this ecosystem will be supported by a community of selfless individuals. This project was developed by Quick Save – a game studio from Finland.

The team wants to incorporate a wholesome experience for every single user. Players who often complain about the intensity of PVP can now enjoy a more relaxing mini-game. This is also a good option for those who want breaks from the Arena mode without quitting the game.

Details of the Axie Infinity Raylights

The Axie Infinity Raylights is a land cultivation, decoration, and discovery mini-game with the AxieVerse. According to the lore, it all begins from the beginning of civilization in Lunacia. This period lacks advancement, and Axies must discover new ways to fend for themselves and establish dominance on this planet.

The gameplay primarily involves cultivation. To do so, players must combine different minerals and choose an avatar to plant them. Once in the ground, unique minerals will mix to form crops. The process is continuous and users get to unlock new items as they progress through the ranks.

Axie Ifninity Raylights Dashboard

As mentioned above, this mini-game is for players who own lands. Especially those that love to create patterns and build routines. Those who have multiple plots can diversify the crop they cultivate. This gives them an even broader range of minerals in return. Besides experience, Raylights makes land within this virtual universe more beautiful.

Contrary to popular belief, this will not be some boring option that will cause you to fall asleep. Raylights will feature two competitions to foster rivalry.  The first is a challenge for who will unlock new worlds first. While the second focuses on those, who make the best designs or creative outlooks with their crops.

Those looking to join can purchase virtual land from the Axie marketplace and join the adventure. Sky Mavis is also encouraging players to share their feedback using this type form. Axie Infinity is gradually turning NFTs and other in-game assets into tickets that will unlock vast experiences within its ecosystem.

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