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SolChicks Introduces the Catheon Storefront

Following the successful launch of the Catheon Gaming ecosystem with twenty-five NFT games to explore, SolChicks game platform has announced the introduction of the Catheon Storefront.

The leading NFT-powered Fantasy play-and-earn game on Solana will launch the Catheon Storefront as a one-stop destination for all users looking to buy all SolChick’s in-game assets. Users will have the chance to purchase all in-game assets directly from Catheon Gaming or a secondary marketplace

What is the CATHEON Token?

The launch of the Catheon Gaming ecosystem brings new dynamics to the SolChicks metaverse. The game platform announced it will re-launch its native token, $CHICKs, as $CATHEON. This new token will power the Catheon Gaming ecosystem and will run on Polygon and Solana networks.

The token will function as the utility and governance tokens in the ecosystem and holders can stake them for yields. They can also use them for the payment of transaction fees, advisory fees, metaverse purchases, and in-game and storefront purchases.


At the launch of the new token, only holders of the $CHICKS tokens can get $CATHEON. In other words, users must hold $CHICKS before the snapshot on October 13.

It is worth mentioning that SolChicks will not release the $CATHEON tokens through private, public, or VC rounds. By October 24, the game platform will launch a swap dashboard where $CHICKs holders can swap their tokens for $CATHEON on a 1:1 basis.

What are the Key Features of the Catheon Storefront?

  • All Catheon assets, including partners’ assets in the direct and secondary markets, will be available for purchase through the storefront.
  • The storefront has FIAT payment capability for each direct purchase on the platform.
  • Users can use the $CATHEON token to purchase anything on the storefront once it goes live.
  • It has multi-chain support for EVM and Solana chains.

More Details on Catheon Gaming

Catheon Gaming was launched in September 2021 and was primarily established to pave the way for the launch of the SolChicks brand. However, the gaming platform has grown significantly and become the fastest-growing NFT-based blockchain enterprise as recognized by KPMG and HSBC. The gaming ecosystem currently has 25 NFT-based in its portfolio.

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