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Splinterlands Announces Market Listing Fees and Expiry Updates

The blockchain-backed NFT trading card game, Splinterlands, has announced a new update for the optimization of its card rental and sale. The update aims to lower server impact and create a DEC burn. According to the game platform, the changes will go live on March 7, and it will traduce a 1 DEC or 1 Credit fee for new listings.

The prices will also update and there will be an addition of a 30-day expiration duration for both new and existing listings. The update will go live during the normal maintenance period. Also, it will require updates for third-party services and tools performing the operations.

Why the Updates in the Market Listing Fees and Expiration

Splinterlands has revealed that the changes are essential for the reduction of its internal server costs. Additionally, they will also ensure the smooth running of the platform’s services without falling or lagging. The game mentioned that these changes are just a part of a larger project to minimize costs and boost services.

It further emphasizes that the team will continue scaling up to be able to handle the platform’s anticipated growth. The platform mentioned that its servers process millions of updates and market listings daily and need to index, update, and cache data in real time.

This is to support both the internal market and other third-party marketplaces and services that are an integral part of its ecosystem. 

Adding the token fee and listings of rented items that expired or were not sold will help to minimize the data required to be indexed. It will also minimize the transaction volume to be processed through the server.

What is the Listing Fee?

The fee for applicable transactions will now be 1 DEC or 1 Credit token. The platform will charge the fee per listed or updated card on the market. According to Splinterlands, the fee is small and insignificant to most players and will encourage the use of automated tools for more thoughtful operations by users.

The game platform emphasized that spent DEC tokens on listing fees will be burned. Additionally, the official Splinterlands market will use DEC for the listing fee automatically except if the player does not have adequate DEC.

Listing Expiration: What to Know

Splinterlands also revealed that all rental market listings and sales will have a 30-day expiration timeframe. That means new market listings will expire after thirty days from the time of listing.

Also, it will pre-set existing listings to expire within thirty days from the day the change is released. Every time a rental ends and the card returns to the rental market, the 30-day expiration will reset.

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