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Tiny World Announces UR Hero Auction Campaign – Week 24

The idle NFT-based play-and-earn game, Tiny World, has announced the completion of its Cao Cao Auction and the upcoming launch of the 24th week UR Auction.

It is worth mentioning that the 3rd round and final round of the UR hero auction campaign was launched on February 9, and ends on February 23, 2023.

Highlights of the UR Hero Auction Campaign

The first UR Hero was Alexander – King of Macedonia and was available all through the third round of the auction. However, many players were unable to bid at the last minute because of the effect of the Tiny Lord 2.0 launch, which caused a high system load. As a result of this, many missed the auction. 

To make up for the glitch, Tiny World has announced that it will hold additional auction rounds in the 24th week. This is to enable more buyers to acquire the UR hero Alexander.

However, Tiny World has mentioned that its team will match the TINC burn to a similar value of the auction price after the round. The additional burn will come from the TINC potion of the developers.

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Timeframe Details for the UR Hero Auction

Tiny World stated that it plans to minimize the system load and optimize the gaming experience of players. Therefore, it is adjusting the End Time for each round of the auction from 8:00 am UTC on Thursdays to 8:00 am UTC on Wednesdays.

The new timeline will start from the 24th week of the UR auction campaign. The game platform also mentioned that the current bid price for Monarch of We is 36,299 $TINC, which is about 1157.94 $BUSD. 

Details of the New Alexander – King of Macedonia Auction

The next round of the UR Hero Auction campaign will also feature Alexander – King of Macedonia. The Auction will run from February 23 at 8:30 am UTC to March 1, 2023, at 8:00 am UTC. It is worth mentioning that the UR Auction campaign holds once a week. 

During the last ten minutes of the auction, every new bid will extend the completion of the auction by five minutes. The auction item is the UR Class Tiny Hero NFT – Alexander, and the starting price is 10,000 $TINC. The minimum markup is 10%, and the only currency accepted for the transaction is TINC. 

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