Four Gods Spring Eve Attendance Event
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Four Gods Announces the Spring Eve Attendance Event

Four Gods has announced the launch of the Spring Eve Attendance Event. Players will earn various rewards by joining the campaign within this period. While issuing the update, the team informed community members of changes to the Craft Success Rate.

Players will enjoy an increased Mythology Gear craft between the 23rd of February and the 9th of March. Below are the changes to expect:

  • Cross demon king: from 10% to 20%
  • Mythology Aspect: 10% to 20%

Players will have a better chance of getting artillery much quicker with a better tool crafting rate. With better possibilities for getting weapons, users have significant opportunities to win battles.

Details of the Four Gods Spring Eve Attendance Event

The Four Gods Spring Eve Attendance Event is an excellent opportunity for players to get Mythology Gear for one week.

Within the next seven days, players will enjoy the following benefits:

  • 1st day: 10 Roulette Tickets.
  • 2nd day: 3,000,000 Golds.
  • 3rd day: 10 Enhancement Spells.
  • 4th day: 10 Aspect Gear Enhancement Spells.
  • 5th day: 10 hunting Blessings.
  • 6th day: B-SS Rank Stone Tickets.
  • 7th day: 3 Tower of the Departed 3F Ticket and 20 The Energies of Wealth.

Meanwhile, there have also been changes to calculating the item drop. One of them is an increase in the Passive White Tiger from 10% to 20%. In addition, the digital assets whose buffs apply are totalled and added to the monster item drops.

Here is an example: The Energy of Wealth 50% + Plentiful Plum Aspect Gear 90% + Plum Blossom Blessing 10% = 150%.

Furthermore, the Cross Demon King Craft will be reset if it reaches its limit. The maximum amount is 50 units per server. More so, players will be able to craft and Purchase Plum and Plenty Plum Energy of Wealth. This ensures players can get these NFTs and use them for gamplay.

Update and Bug Fixes

Four Gods Patch Note

Four Gods is correcting some errors via a recent update to ensure that players enjoy the Spring Eve Attendance Event. Below are the bugs that have been removed:

  • Plum and Plenty plum Gear Drop options.
  • The prescription of the Red Gem changes to 0 when you alter the item options.
  • Reset of the Payment Amount Event will be completed during the maintenance.

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