Infinity Arena Battle PVP Betting Public Beta
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Infinity Arena Battle PVP Betting Public Beta Goes Live

Following an earlier announcement, Infinity Arena has launched the Battle PVP Betting mode via a public beta. Players will be opportune to try out this game mode for free over the next 7 days. As stated before, this testnet will begin by 8 AM UTC on the 27th of March. It will continue till the same time on the 26th of March.

Join the Infinity Arena Battle PVP Betting Public Beta Bounty Program

The team also partnered with multiple blockchain gaming guilds to offer NFTs to community members via an airdrop. This update comes after the NFT Guardian Packs sale.Β  In addition, they can report any bugs they notice and be significantly rewarded for doing so. Interested players should fill out this form with all the necessary information to participate in this program.

There are 30 NFT Guardian packs up for grabs to those who identify defaults within gameplay. The prizes include the following:

  • 15 Veteran Guardian Packs
  • 8 Master Guardian Packs
  • 5 Legendary Guardian Packs
  • 2 Elites Guardian Packs

Infinity Arena Battle PVP Betting Public Beta Tutorial

Infinity Arena Battle PVP Betting Public Beta Tutorial

While issuing this update, Infinity Arena also released a step-by-step guide for players looking to join this public beta. It contains every necessary detail, from how to claim testnet tokens and pick a hero to how to set up your deck.

Without further ado, here is the tutorial on how to participate in this beta test:

Create a username:

Connect your Metamask wallet to the Infinity Arena Beta Game website and change your network to the Binance Smart Chain Testnet. Once you complete this step, the system will ask you for your username. Enter it and click on “confirm”. Kindly note that you cannot change your username after choosing it.

Claim testnet tokens and NFTs

Once you complete the step above, you will be redirected to the homepage. On this page, a pop-up will appear and notify you of beta $INAZ and cards available to you. Click on “accept” to claim them. The same amount is given to every player.

Picking a Hero and creating a deck

After collecting your cards, you need to add all 30 guardians to your deck. However, you will also need a Hero to delve into gameplay. Infinity Arena is giving players 1 free Hero to start the game. Users can either choose an avatar with a Fire, Earth, Water or Air element.

Once they make their choice, the other in-game characters will become hidden. However, they can be unlocked afterwards with the right amount of $INAZ. Meanwhile, players should select Heroes whose elements match their Guardian packs.

Choosing your opponent

Contestants can either join an existing room for free or create a new one and set the betting limit. Meanwhile, the minimum stake is 1000 $INEZ. Once inside a room, the system will randomly select an opponent for you.

Participants cannot cancel the process once it has started. In addition, the winner will take the total stake and pay 200 $INAZ to the federation.

Since this is a beta test, only the PVP battle betting mode will be available. Other gameplay aspects like mining, staking, marketplace and lucky games will be unavailable.

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