Nakamoto Games Launches $NAKA Staking
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Nakamoto Games $NAKA Staking Goes Live

Nakamoto Games has launched a new $NAKA staking round. Over the coming months, users will get the opportunity to earn passive incomes by simply holding tokens. While making this announcement, the game made it public that this initiative is for long-term investors. In addition, it reassures interested participants of getting their money’s worth in rewards.

This is because the project is one of the top play-to-earn ecosystems. It offers 17 gaming titles and has no less than 120,000 registered members. More so, $NAKA plays a significant role in the scheme of things. This cryptocurrency is the entry ticket into the options on this GameFi platform. More so, the gaming enterprise is happy to start the next phase of its growth. This staking is actually in celebration of this new level of advancement.

By doing this, it intends to boost the market dynamics and offer true value to investors. However, it does not intend to stop here. Going forward, it will be incorporating more ways to appreciate its long-standing supporters. As the team considers such individuals as crucial players in the process of building the largest play-to-earn gaming community in the industry.

Details of the Nakamoto Games $NAKA Staking

The Nakamoto Games $NAKA staking goes live on the 8th of July 2022. From now till the 15th of July, users will get the opportunity to earn up to 25% APY on their deposits. There are three different options for interested persons can choose from. They are shown as below:

  • 30 days: 15th of July 2022 – 14th of August 2022 and 15% APY
  • 60 days: 15th of July 2022 – 13th of September 2022 and 20% APY
  • 90 days: 15th of July 2022 – 13th of October 2022 and 25% APY

Despite the current state of the market, Nakamoto is still upbeat about this initiative. According to it, the current development favours those who will participate in this incentive program. This is because it offers an opportunity to accumulate tokens. Such that, they will be able to boost their portfolio when the candles turn green.

Demo Release and Platform Upgrades

Nakamoto Games Ecosystem

Speaking of the ecosystem, the dev team is still continuing with its weekly sprints. There are significant improvements to the NAKAVerse. The team is currently refactoring survival system rewards and API data. Doing this will ensure that players can continue gameplay from the previous rounds without losing accumulated rewards. There is also ongoing research on how to integrate the game into the Unreal Engine.

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