Axie Infinity Issues Changes to the Challenger Mode
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Axie Infinity Issues Changes to the Challenger Mode

Axie Infinity – a play-to-earn ecosystem, is announcing changes to the challenger mode of its game. In addition, it will also be making fixing some bugs and issuing other improvements. According to the team, these modifications are in response to the Origin’s Alpha Season.

These upgrades were necessary to sustain active participation amongst members. Especially in recent times when there has been a huge spike in the download of the new ecosystem. With the recent records amounting to about 4,000 new downloads per day. Similarly, there has also been a significant increase in marketplace activity over the past few weeks

Details of the Axie Infinity Changes to the Challenger Mode

During the recent surge in engagement over the past month, the Axie Infinity dev team noticed certain issues. In this regard, they are making changes to the challenger mode and other aspects of gameplay. In this regard, it is modifying the formula for the Victory Star Bonus/Penalty. With this new format, this mode will encourage fair gameplay.

Below are some insights into this new directive:

  • If you have 210 Victory Stars and your opponent has 180 Victory Stars. You are now compatible to play a match.
  • If you lose, you will incur 30 Points in your Penalty Pool. This pattern will continue for every duel you lose, and the penalty points will be accumulated.
  • If the total points reach 100, you will lose a Victory Star. Meaning you will no longer have 210. Instead, you will now have 209 stars. After this deduction, your Penalty pool is reset to 0.

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

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To ensure a smoother user experience, Axie Infinity is mending certain issues. It will be also be upgrading some already-existing aspects of gameplay. They include the following:

  • If an adversary has a taunt, AoE attacks will correctly hit all opponents. Also, multihit attacks will work correctly.
  • Instead of being unplayable, cards with a target choice will now hit a taunt.
  • Tiny Turtle now correctly targets the front-most enemy instead of freely choosing the target
  • Runes now no longer work when the Axie equipping it is knocked out
  • Rage now correctly increases DMG from direct hits, instead of all sources
  • Gill no longer immediately triggers the Bubble Bomb that it just created
  • Robin’s status effects no longer linger after the Robin is killed
  • Updated the Shrimp card to have the “if initial” mechanic, as intended
  • Rosa now correctly has “Banish” instead of “Unstable”
  • Wing Horn now shows the correct DMG of 33 instead of 35
  • There are fixes to the bug where cards that deal more DMG based on target’s Shield could ignore the Shield. Also, two different summons will no longer be standing in the same spot
  • The game will no longer freeze when you log in from Mavis Hub.

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