Empowering Creators: OVERDARE and Circle Redefine the Future of Mobile Gaming
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Stablecoin Issuer Circle Partners with OVERDARE for mobile gaming and web3 integration


  • OVERDARE and Circle join forces to introduce USDC payments and programmable wallets to the mobile gaming platform, redefining digital entertainment.
  • The alliance promises an enhanced experience for creators and players, with advanced AI tools and transparent revenue distribution on the blockchain.
  • This partnership marks a milestone in the adoption of Web3 and cryptocurrencies in mobile gaming, opening up new possibilities for a more inclusive and equitable industry.

In a bold step towards the future of mobile gaming and blockchain technology, OVERDARE, backed by gaming industry giants KRAFTON and NAVER Z Corporation, joins Circle Internet Financial in a strategic alliance.

This collaboration promises to redefine the landscape of user-generated content (UGC)-centric mobile gaming by integrating Circle’s programmable wallets and the USDC cryptocurrency, backed by US dollars.

OVERDARE’s UGC mobile gaming platform, known as OVERDARE, is presented as a dynamic universe where creativity and innovation merge.

With advanced artificial intelligence tools, players and creators are transported into immersive and personalized experiences.

Additionally, OVERDARE Studio offers a complete suite of creative tools on PC for creators to unleash their imagination.

The integration of the Settlus network adds another layer of depth to the OVERDARE ecosystem, simplifying the licensing of interactive content and enabling transparent revenue distribution on the blockchain-gaming.

This paves the way for a scalable and fair model for creators across multiple platforms.

Circle brings fintech expertise by providing programmable wallets and facilitating USDC payments

This solution not only simplifies revenue and intellectual property management for creators, but also paves the way for a smooth transition to Web3.

The announcement of the partnership has generated excitement in both the gaming and blockchain communities.

Henry Park, CEO of OVERDARE, highlights the importance of ensuring creators reliable access to their profits, while Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Circle, envisions a future of innovative and equitable digital entertainment.

This step forward not only benefits OVERDARE creators and players, but also sets a standard for the industry as a whole.

The integration of emerging technologies like Web3 and the adoption of cryptocurrencies for payments open new frontiers of opportunities and experiences in the vast world of mobile gaming.

The partnership between OVERDARE and Circle represents a significant milestone in the convergence of blockchain technology and mobile gaming, promoting a more inclusive and transparent environment for creators and users alike.

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