Exciting Updates from Tiny World for Tiny Kingdom’s zkSync Season 3
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Exciting Updates from Tiny World for Tiny Kingdom’s zkSync Season 3

Welcome back to another exciting chapter in the saga of Tiny Kingdom. The launch of zkSync Season 3 has ushered in a plethora of new developments, keeping the tiny world team on their toes.

Let’s delve deeper into the latest and most fun developments in the Tiny World this week!

Platform Statistics: A Snapshot of Growth on Tiny World

The platform has seen huge growth, and that shows the kind of experience it offers. The total number of registered users has reached an impressive 262,722. The total NFT trading volume stands at $21,260,205, and that is all from active participation of users. Furthermore, a total of 457,762 NFTs have been minted. So, there is a lot of creativity and diversity within the community.

The number of TINC burned is 64,991,897, and the circulation of TINC stands at 48,961,181. The Tiny Kingdom Market Trade Volume is also at $7,283,522.

The Treasury Fund and Buyback Pool stand at $717,573 and $115,959 respectively. This week alone saw a total TINC burn of 266,177 TINC.

Platform Statistics: A Snapshot of Growth on Tiny World

zkSync Season 3: A New Era in Tiny World

The huge support from users of Tiny Kingdom zkSync is quite a feat, too! The team is happy to introduce Season 3 – a season full of more content and an even better gaming experience. Here’s what you can look forward to in the new version:

Gameplay Enhancements and Adjustments: Elevating Your Experience

Several adjustments are needed to enhance your gaming experience. These include key tweaks to the leaderboard rewards as well to make it better. The campaign gameplay is also much better now, and players can expect more challenges and rewards!

BOSS trials gameplay is also better now and offers more excitement and thrill. Arena gameplay has been adjusted for more competitive and fair matches. There are also changes in these Tinymon, and these adorable companions have new features now!

Hero/Equipment adjustments will also ensure balance and fairness in battles. Additionally, the text content looks clearer now for better understanding. Finally, a new feature, Kingdom Treasure Preview, will also be there to give you a sneak peek into the treasures that await!

A Journey into the Realm of Tiny Kingdom zkSync

The new season brings a wealth of engaging content and an improved interactive experience to the game platform. We hope you enjoy this rewarding journey through the realm of Tiny Kingdom zkSync.

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