Tiny World Announces USDC Prize Pool Peview
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Tiny World Announces USDC Prize Pool Peview

Following recent feedback from players, the play-to-earn game, Tiny World is announcing a USDC Prize Pool Preview. They will be effecting certain changes to the sizes of rewards that players will receive from attaining various milestones. There will be alterations to the leaderboard and the market tax fees.

While making the announcement, the team also thanked players for their support. More so, they encouraged users to continue the in-game evaluation.

Details of the Tiny World USDC Prize Pool Preview

Following this Prize Pool Preview, anyone who reaches the “Scout” title will gain access to the Title Leaderboard. Meanwhile, the top 50 ranked players who are part of this leaderboard will receive ample rewards. However, the prizes will be shared according to the ratings of players.

Meanwhile, it is possible for multiple players to have the same title on the ranking. In this case, the bigger prize will go to the user who has a higher number of total castle strength. Although the team is making an announcement already, this new feature will not go live till the 6th of October when Season 3 goes live.

In that series, 80% of the total benefits will be distributed in the final week. Tiny World will use a specific ratio when distributing rewards to players. Details of the new ratio reward system are contained in a press release unveiling this preview. The remaining 20% will be added to the Season 4 leaderboard.

From Season 4, distributions will take place every week, and the team will share 60% of the rewards each week. This exercise will take place by 8:00 AM (UTC) every Thursday. Participants will receive their rewards via their email. The leftover 40% of rewards will be shared the following week.

Market Tax Fee Limits

Details of the Tiny World USDC Prize Pool Preview

In addition to the leaderboard, there will also be modifications to the market tax fee on equipment and material listings. Tiny World is introducing a tax fee tier upper limit to regulate the in-game economy. Furthermore, the seller’s tax fee will depend on their listing price.

There will be a maximum fee of 50% and a minimum fee of 20%, according to the upper and lower tier limit. This means that it cannot be lower or higher than the set limit. Tiny World also stated in the USDC Prize Preview that it will add 8% of the platform fee to the reward pool.

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