Moonvile Farm Pre-Alpha Test
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Moonville Farms Pre-Alpha Testing Goes Live

Moonville Farms has stated the launch of its pre-alpha testing for users who registered before now. From the 30th of August to the 6th of September by 10:00 GMT+8, StarLords and VIPs will be able to try out the game. This announcement comes after the Myria marketplace launch, where the exercise will take place.

What to Expect from the Moonville Farms Pre-Alpha Testing

The Moonville Farms pre-alpha testing promises to offer exciting gameplay to the players who are lucky to participate in it. According to the unveiling, it will be easy to play but difficult to master. To begin with, users will have to select suitable terrain for their industrial revolution. Making the proper decision is vital that determines the resources and production opportunities that you will get.

Over the test period, players will build and protect their bases as they increase their scores and climb up the leaderboard. These military structures will help them protect the village and grow. More importantly, users should learn to optimize their production line. This is the means through which they will earn massive yields on their efforts. Similarly, they will also have to devise a strategy for outperforming their rivals.

Speaking of the village, there are many ways to personalize and upgrade it. Moonville is offering participants a wide variety of cosmetic skins that they can use to edit their portion of the virtual world. Even better, you can re-use these NFTs across different games and own them forever.

Features of the Game

Moonville Farm PVP Tournament Mode

Below are the characteristics that will ensure that this is a qualitative game:

Play and Earn: While most other GameFi projects focuses on earning, Moonville Farms emphasizes better gaming experiences. In this regard, the team is promising a very addictive and fun gameplay. Such that players will enjoy every minute they spend on it. In addition, you will be able to convert their scores into tangible rewards when the beta edition is launched.

True Ownership of Digital Assets: Unlike other NFTs, the assets in MF are not limited to just this game. You will be able to re-use them in other programs from Myria. This means they have better use cases. In addition, you will truly own them and trade them at will. Those who leave their wallets for forever and return will still have their non-fungible tokens intact.

Rewarding Resourcefulness: With the emphasis on playing, the team wants to promote even more aggressive participation. That is why only those who can develop strategies that will help them to outperform their competitors.

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